Let’s talk about going to meetings.

What are the different types of meetings that people often go to? Which of these are the most important to be on time for?

Well, there are several types of meetings that people attend. It can range from school meetings to work meetings, or community meetings, just like the meeting I spoke about in part 2. 

I believe that every meeting is important and should be given the utmost priority, so attendees should be punctual, otherwise it can be disruptive and disrespectful, and could even get a person fired from their job. My colleague John got fired from his job for being late for meetings all the time. 

Some people say that no one (superlatives – absolutes) likes to go to meetings. What do you think?

I suppose I agree with that because a lot of meetings can be very dry and boring, such as going to a company budget meeting. However, some meetings can be very exciting such as a family meeting about the next big vacation. I talked with my family about going to Hawaii and it was super exciting.  

How has the way people hold meetings changed compared to a generation before? Is this good or bad?

Uhm, I think it’s (it has) definitely changed a lot, nowadays people don’t have to see each other face-to-face, they can just meet virtually, like Skype or Zoom, just like my Zoom community meeting. This is not only because of the current pandemic but also because it is convenient to save time and money. People do not have to travel to boardrooms for their meetings. 

Let’s discuss group work.

What are the advantages of working in a group? Are there any disadvantages?

As I can say there are a lot of advantages to working in a group with others. you Individuals can share their ideas with other groupmates, and they can improve their ideas because people get different perspectives that can work better for the situation. Like one of the attendees at the community meeting proposed having recycling at the mall which was a great idea. This is one of the best advantages of working in groups. 

In which types of situations do people often work in groups? Can you elaborate?

What are some typical roles assigned in group work?

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