Frequently Asked Questions

There is professional native English support for both writing and speaking in your ‘My Student Account’. You can get score estimates for free by sending us your writing and MP3 voice recording in email. 

In addition, you can get detailed feedback on your writing and live training for speaking. You can access these from either your free Demo Course or Premium Full Course. Both of these services are an extra cost, on-demand (editing 6 cents US/word, private speaking interview with feedback 25USD/30minutes session). These are an extra cost for the following reasons:

  1. It takes extra work time for professionals who work for no less than 18 USD/hours, as this is a minimum for such jobs in the west.
  2. The number of editing and speaking help varies for different students, so it makes sense to do this on-demand.
  3. Not all students can afford this service, so we make it optional to keep down the cost of our Premium Full Course.

(Other IELTS sites that include this in their initial fee, either charge much more for their package OR give poor service)

There is simply no way to get professional help, that truly helps, for writing and speaking on a small budget, since any real IELTS expert requires respectable pay. I hope this is clear and you understand the utility and logic behind these services. I definitely suggest trying both editing and speaking, and you will see the difference. I have attached a sample of our editing work for your review. Good studies.

It is available to Free and Full course users.

  1.       Simply log into your account at
  2.       Click on ‘Start Speaking’ Button
  3.        Keep the page open until another user is available
  4.       Begin practicing IELTS speaking – use the course material speaking questions

*Remember, do not share personal information – You are responsible for your usage.

At times there will be teachers and IELTS experts who will be available for discussion, so keep your speaking window open on your computer.

Yes, you can send payment via Google Pay, see instructions below.

  1. Open the Google Pay app on your iPhone or Android device and tap the button at the bottom that says “Send or request.” …
  2. Enter the email ([email protected]) of the intended recipient, or select their name from your contacts.
  3. Enter the amount of money you wish to send.
  4. Tap “Send” and the funds will be transferred.

Yes, we offer help for General IELTS.

In fact, we are one of the only companies in the world that make a distinction between the two versions clearly.

To practice General IELTS and improve your scores please visit

General IELTS is needed mostly for immigration purposes – if you are planning to move to a country and seek residence, like Canada, UK, and Australia, this is the IELTS you need to take.

Usually, you need a minimum band score of 5.5. We can help you prepare for the General IELTS exam at

The Academic IELTS is needed mostly for schools, such as university and college – If you are planning to study in another country, this is the IELTS version you need. Usually, you need a minimum band score of 6.5. We can help you prepare for this at

***If you know where you want to apply, it is very important that you check with the institution what version of IELTS they require and what are the score requirements***

We can help improve your writing with professional editing services found in your My Student Account at

You can just pay for Task 1 and 2 editing services.

This is 6 cents US per word, so 150-word Task 1 is 9 USD. This is a pay-on-demand service and you can access it from your My Student Account at, just click the Task 1 and Task 2 green buttons.

You can choose an essay from the list or copy/paste your own. You will get the edited essay back with corrections, feedback on how to improve, and an estimated band score, in 48 hours or less.

You will get a fully interactive course (100 hours), six downloadable full IELTS practice tests (PDF) including full audio (Mp3) for listening, reading, and speaking. Additionally, you receive the IELTS Student Workbook, full of exercises to help you improve your skills. Also, you can access 100+ hours of exclusive HD lesson videos, as well as dozens of Live IELTS class recordings. In addition, you have a student forum to ask questions and join discussions. The course includes a 30 and 60-day lesson plan which describes the steps to take for improvement.

All writing at is edited by a native English speaking university graduate in Canada. The editing is a pay-on-demand service because it needs extra man-hours and payment. Not all students ask for this or can afford this, as well, different students need it in different amounts, so we make this optional. It is not included in the package. We keep our course price down and charge a very competitive editing rate for those students who want it and can afford it at 6 cents US/word ($0.06/wrd.). See the edited work (attached) and we are sure you will agree with us about the value and usefulness of such feedback.

You can submit essays in your ‘My Student Page’ in ‘Full Course’, ‘Bonus Writing Section’, ‘Additional Services’ -> ‘Editing Services’ or use the ‘Task 1’ and ‘Task 2’ buttons on the upper left of the page. Once we have your work and payment we will return your edited work with comments in 48 hours or less.

‘Error#2’ is a common error code for the payment gateway. It means the card has been declined, either due to lack of funds or the card-issuing bank has blocked the transaction. 

If you have available funds, contact your credit/debit card issuers bank and check if the fraud department is blocking the transaction due to an unfamiliar online sale.  This issue is usually cleared up quickly.

This error code #10535 according to PayPal is an invalid credit card.

You need to enter a valid type and number of card.

Please make sure this information is correct.

‘Error#15005’ is a common error code for the Paypal payment gateway. It means the card has been declined, either due to lack of funds or the card-issuing bank has blocked the transaction. 

If you have available funds, contact your credit/debit card issuers bank and check if the fraud department is blocking the transaction due to an unfamiliar online sale or you may need to enable your card for international transactions.  This issue is usually cleared up quickly.

***Also, you can purchase our app Academic IELTS Help, in your app store and then link the app to the web account. It is another way to get access to the website. The app and the website work together as one account/software.

You can also purchase our full online Premium IELTS course in the following ways:

  1. Use the PayPal option on the checkout form here:
  2. Join up for the Tier 3 or Tier 4 membership on our YouTube channel, AcademicEnglishHelp, – click the ‘Join’ button next to the subscribe button.
  3. Download our mobile app, Academic IELTS Help from your Google Play or Apple App Store. Then, upgrade your app to a premium version and link it to your web account under ‘More’.

In these ways, you can get access to all of our videos, lessons, and practice exams. I wish you good studies.

When you open our Academic IELTS Help app

Click on ‘More’, then click on ‘Link Account’ and log in. 

Or you can create a new user here by entering your email, your password, confirm the password, and click create.

If you still have difficulties, send a message via the help button on the website.

1. Make sure you have your cookies enabled on your phone, you can see how to do this here:

2. If this does not solve the issue, try reinstalling your app. 

3. If nothing works, contact us via the help button on our site.

Your PDFs are protected by your registered email for maximum security

To use the Exam Book and Workbook please follow these steps,

1. Log into your ‘My Student Page’ at

2. Click on the tab ‘Curriculum Book, Student Work Book and Study Plan’

3. Click on the blue button, ‘Curriculum Book’

4. After download Acrobat Reader will ask for a password, your password is your email address, enter your registered email address in the password field and click enter.

Now you should be able to use the book, Please let me know if you have further questions or need assistance.

Good Studies!