Let’s talk more about changing history.

Some people create much change in society during their lifetimes. 

What do you think motivates such people? 

I think that many people who have a major impact on humanity, like Marie Curie, are fueled by adversity. I meant that they rise up in the face of a challenge, like not being accepted in academia by men, in order to pursue their passions, like science, and come out on top. Thanks to this, we have x-ray machines in all hospitals today. 

I think curiosity is one of the reasons that opens the doors for many people to innovate which not only helps them but also society, as Marie Curie, whose discovery led to medical imaging. 

Is this always good or bad?

I think most of the time it is good, but sometimes it is also bad, as nowadays we have nuclear bombs that use the discoveries of Marie Curie, which is detrimental to society because these weapons of mass destruction can level an entire country with the snap of a finger. 

What are some changes that may need to happen to ensure the prosperity of future societies? 

I didn’t quite catch that, could you please repeat the question? 

Uh, I think, I think that people should concentrate on education. Only with knowledge can we build a society that we want in the future. Then we will produce another Marie Curie to solve climate change, and fresh water shortage, clean air. This will be critical for the survival of future generations.

I’m still am uncertain of what you are asking, could you just ask me another question? 

What is needed to make these changes happen?

Let’s discuss important historical figures.

Why is it important to teach about important people in history? 

I don’t talk about my hometown figure. I think it is important to talk about history because it is important to know what happened,… how we are and how will be in the future. It is important to know.

I believe it is crucial to educate individuals about important historical figures so that they have respect for their ancestors and they are motivated to become great individuals themselves. In fact, I know that Marie Curie was motivated for science after reading the works of Isaac Newton. 

How can people be encouraged to learn about such people?

In what ways are leaders today similar to leaders of the past? 

The similarities between the leaders of the present and the past are they have good ideas in developing a nation and good communication to make individuals happy. In China, Mao was a very powerful leader who united the country and put an end to the civil war that has been going on for a thousand years through his ideas and communication. Many of his successors follow the same strategies.

I believe that the leaders today are very different from the leaders of the past mostly because there are fewer people who can now lead a nation, for instance in my country, even if it is very rich and beautiful, the president has police kills to organize everything, and make it a good place to live. That’s why many people immigrate from that place. 

How are they different?

Have views changed about certain historical figures over the decades and centuries or have perspectives stayed the same? Can you explain further?

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