Examiner Questions:

May I see your identification?

​Sure, here is my passport which I used for registering for this exam. Please have a look.

Yes certainly, here is my passport that I used to register for this exam a couple of weeks ago (*use quantitative language), please have a look at my credentials. (*use good vocabulary)

What is your full name?

My first name is Davlatbek and my family name is Mirzaliyev. Please, call me by my first name. (***Do not give repetitive and redundant information. If you do your examiner will start interrupting your and your score will go down)

***Practice the strategies of your Metal Checklist with the introductory questions (do not repeat, speak fluently, use paraphrasing for vocabulary, include correlative conjunctions, reflect the grammar of questions)

Where do you live?

I reside in a city called Summarinda, which is located in the northern part of Indonesia, I’ve been living here in a bachelor pad (studio apartment) for the past five years by myself. 

What is your hobby?

Uh, my hobby is watching comedy series and learning languages. I learn English and German because it gives me a better understanding of the world, and I watch comedies because it helps me unwind. Just yesterday, I watched Seinfeld before reviewing some words on the Duolingo application. 


Let’s talk about singing

Do you like to sing (Why or why not?)

Sure, I do, but I’m sad to say I don’t have a good singing voice, I’m tone-deaf. Singing is my way of relieving my stress, when I sing, I forget about my worries. Just this morning, I was singing “I will survive” to help me get over my nervousness for this exam. 

How often do you sing? – always, usually, frequently, rarely, never, sometimes, seldomly. + five times a week, an hour a day…

Well, as a typical Vietnamese I spend my spare time singing, whenever I take a bath, drive my car, or do the dishes, I’m usually humming a song, I would say for at least an hour a day. This is because singing helps me to feel happy. This morning I was singing Eye of Tiger on my way to this exam center.  

When do you sing?

Who is your favorite singer? Why do you like this person?

Actually, my favorite singers is one of the, my favorite singer is, I don’t,… Awane. He has a good voice and he helps me to in…lesser times. 

I like a lot of different singers, but I guess my favorite is Awale. He has a beautiful voice and I feel enthusiastic whenever I hear him sing. I listened to his song just this morning.  

Where is the best place to sing?

If you could learn to sing a song perfectly, which song would you choose and why?

Have famous singers become better today than those in the past?

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