IELTS Task 2 Writing – Professional athletes

IELTS Task 2 Writing – spend 5 minutes planning, spend 30 minutes writing, spend 5 minutes reviewing

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

A lot of people who wanted to become professional athletes gave up this idea because of the fear of failure and parents’ pressure. Do you think that parents should support their children who want to do a career in sports?

Support your point of view with relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Many individuals that desired to be career sportsmen and women quit their athletics since they wanted to avoid disappointment and guardian expectation. Do you believe that parents should encourage their offspring who aspire to be professional athletes?

TOPIC = Aspiring to be professional athletes

CONTROLLING IDEA (What about this topic) = Should this be encouraged by parents

Ask “What” “Why” “How”

What does it mean to want to be a career athlete?

To invest time and effort to get paid for playing sport

Why do people want to become professional athletes?

Because they are passionate about a certain sport, and for fame and fortune. 

How does a person become a professional athlete?

Through talent and lots of practice as well as support and recognition. 


What does it mean to have parental support to become a professional athlete?

Moral and monetary support from parents on a regular basis

Why is it important to have parental support to become a professional athlete?

Since children look up to parents and excel when they gain encouragement from, and because sports are expensive. To stay motivated through challenging times. 

How can parents support their children to become professional athletes?

By buying the necessary equipment, encouragement through communication and participation. 

Should parents support their children to become professional athletes?

(Composing the thesis statement = argument of your essay that outlines your points clearly to your reader.)

Parents should encourage aspiring children to become professional athletes as this leads to health and success

INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH – Hook, Background, Thesis

Many children dream of becoming professional athletes in adulthood. (Background) Youth are often passionate about a sport and want to practice and play regularly to gain fame and fortune through talent and hard work. Parental support is important for both financial and moral reasons. (Thesis) I believe that mothers and fathers should encourage aspiring children to become professional athletes as this leads to health and success. 

BODY 1 – (Topic Sentence + (Supporting Points) Explanations and Examples)

Parents who support their children to participate in sports help their offspring to be fit both physically and mentally throughout life. Whether or not a child eventually becomes a career athlete, it is undeniable that a childhood filled with the joy of success in sports, and the regular exercise that it entails, does lead to a stronger body and mind. My friend, John, wanted to become a professional footballer, therefore, his parents took him to practice four times each week for a dozen years or so and even though he did not achieve this goal, today, he is exceptionally healthy and leads a happy life as a physician with two children. (Connecting/Concluding Sentence) Clearly, John may not have become such a healthy individual without the support of his parents to play football and become the best version of himself.

BODY 2 – Success

Furthermore, regular participation in sports enables individuals to develop the skills necessary for success in other domains of life and leads to overall higher quality of living. (Explain) Playing sports teaches youth about teamwork, winning and losing, and the importance of investing time and effort in order to persevere and come out on top. (Example *use the same example idea as body 1) Arguably, my friend John applied the same strategies that he acquired during his football years to push through the competitive and challenging career path of becoming a doctor. His sports experience has helped him to become a better communicator and to look past difficulties. Again, this would have been impossible without parental support for sports. 

CONCLUSION – points restated, argument highlighted, take home message.

In conclusion, parental support for children who desire to pursue careers in sports leads to a high quality of life, both physically and socially. Therefore, I am strongly in favor of caregivers providing the energy, time, and finances to children who express affinity towards becoming pro athletes. In the end, whether or not the child achieves this goal does not matter, as they do benefit greatly either way.  

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