IELTS Task 2 Writing – Financial support for artists

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some people think that governments should give financial support to creative artists such as painters and musicians. Others believe that artists should be funded by alternative sources. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Write at least 250 words.

Certain individuals think that national authorities ought to give monetary assistance to fine arts, for painters and musicians. Opponents assert that artists should be financially supported by different contributors than the government. Discuss each of these perspectives and include your own. 

Time allocation (3 minutes = planning, 32 mins. writing, 5 minutes = reviewing)

TIP* For the planning in your official exam, do not write down full sentences, BUT you may want to write down some key points in your notes (When practicing at home, write down all sentences!)

*TRICK 🡪 (should I choose one side or both sides???) 🡪 Well, think about how society really does this! (“You do not need to reinvent the wheel!” – don’t think hard on an idea that already exits) – Ex. both governments and the private sector support the arts.

TOPIC = financial support for artists

CONTROLLING IDEA(S) = the responsibility of funding from public and/or private sources. 

Critical thinking about ‘T’ and ‘CI’ – asking “what” “why” and “how”

What is financial support for artists? 

It is money to support the artists living expenses as well as their expenses to create art.

Why is it important to fund artists?

It is necessary to give financial assistance to musicians and painters so that they can focus their time and energy on expressing their talents rather than worrying about making money for their sustenance needs. 

How can artists receive financial support?

They can get a monthly allowance/salary, ex. 2000USD/mo., to cover living expenses, they can get scholarships, grants, bursaries to cover their exhibitions’ and supplies’ cost, from private or public investment.

CI 🡪 By visualizing and thinking about the ‘real-world’, I realize that both governments and individuals support painters and musicians.

Why is it that both governments and private sectors support artists such as painters and musicians?

The reason that artists are financially aided by both entities is that they both benefit from the art that is produced. (for publicity)

How do artists benefit both governments and society?

Governments/society = art creates culture and history, public awareness

Corporations/individuals = creates brand awareness and profits

(*At this point, you should be able to come up with a brilliant thesis statement that can get you a band 9 essay)

Thesis Statement 

I believe that both the government and private sector should support artists, such as musicians and painters, as they both benefit, the former through culture and the latter through profit. 

TIP* 🡪 Once you have mastered good vocabulary, information, structure, and grammar, you want to work hard on creating concise writing. Meaning, you want to state your ideas in as short and simple way as possible without omitting important information or losing literary style.

IMPORTANT* 🡪 In writing, especially academic and professional writing, you should focus on using the present tense as it gives a general truth that applies to the past, present and future. *Avoid using the future participle “will” as this means that your argument applies to the future, but not so much the present. 

INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH (hook, background, thesis) —- H.W.

Sponsoring aspiring artists is an age-old practice. By providing an allowance for living, studying, and presenting, musicians and painters can dedicate their time and energy to mastering their art. I believe that both the government and private sector should support such artists, as societies and organizations benefit greatly from art expression, the former through culture and latter through profit. 

BODY PARAGRAPH 1 (Topic sentence – deeper definition of your first key point from your thesis.

Most societies define their culture through their music, dance, paintings, and literature which are created by artists through the centuries, and therefore, it is the responsibility of society to give support for such creativity. (Explanation – think real-world and quantitative information) Since it is difficult for artists to make money directly through their efforts, taxpayers should dedicate a certain amount of government budget to make sure that artists can capture the pop-culture, historical events, and language of their era in their visual and auditory recordings and reflections. (Example – think of a real-world example) As in many parts of the world, the government of Canada supports aspiring artists early in their careers by giving funding to art schools, such as Emily Carr in Vancouver, as well as providing support for developed artists such as funding the Vancouver Art Gallery, in aims of preserving and building local culture.

In addition, the efforts of artists have also played a key role in the success and entertainment of individuals and organizations, so they too ought to ensure the financial prosperity of musicians, painters, and the like. The works of artists are often used in shows and exhibitions that advertise company brands and help organizations gain fame and fortune in their communities. Therefore, it is only fair that these companies reward the contributions of artists. I can clearly see this mutual benefit in the movie industry where billions of dollars are generated annually for companies like Paramount, Warner Bros., and Sony Pictures by the efforts of musicians, actors, and painters, so it only makes sense that they too support their art in turn. 

(CONCLUSION) In conclusion, both national authorities and the private sector have a responsibility to nurture and promote artists. The clear reason for this is that both of these entities have much to gain from the expressions of musicians and painters, as these artists are fundamental to their long-term success and identity. Ultimately, financial support for artists from governments and organizations is a wise investment for the prosperity of all parties involved. 

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