Talk about a business idea that you have had

  • What was the idea?
  • Where did the idea come from?
  • How can this idea impact people?
  • What do or did you need to make this idea a reality?

You will have one to two minutes to talk about this topic.

You will have one minute to prepare what you are going to say.

TIP* – Speaking part 2 is a mini-presentation, and you should follow a step-by-step recipe to get a great mark.

STEP 1 – Read the questions carefully – TWICE

STEP 2 – Identify the topic, the category, the tense of the presentation

T = a business idea that you have had

C = *idea = time, origin, requirements, results, improvements

Tense = past, past/present perfect, future participles “will” and “going to”

STEP 3 – Come up with some good ideas, at least 3 (be original, EASY, lots of content) 

*Business Idea – Visualize the real world and successful business in your area. 

Competitive edge (advantage – it is a part of your business that is unique compared to your competition)

e-bike shop, organic bakery, medical clothing shop

30 Bike shops 🡪 Bicycle shop specializes in e-bikes,

E-bike shop

STEP 4 – Take *Useful Notes:

Time = 2020 summer, July, 🡪 when I saw neighbor and family riding them through a traffic jam

Origin (why) = popular, more every day, elderly, young, exercise,

Fast, no traffic (visualize) 

Money, location, suppliers, investors, marketing

Pride, help, people and the planet, save 🡪 no gas

STEP 5 – Get your first sentence ready! 


About a year ago in the summer of 2020, I came up with the idea to open up an e-bike shop in my neighborhood. This shop would specialize in selling electric bikes to people of all ages. Specifically, I was inspired by this idea while sitting in a traffic jam, and a convoy of e-bikes just ripped past my car in their own dedicated lane, and I heard myself saying aloud, “Oh, I wish I had an e-bike.” In order to open up my store, I needed an investment of about 50K dollars, as well as a couple of suppliers of high-quality e-bikes, such as Specialized and Porsche, and a great location. Fortunately, a pizza shop had just closed a few blocks from my home on a busy street, and I was able to get a killer deal on the lease from the owners. I think that my business will be very lucrative because there are a plethora of benefits to owning an e-bike, so I’m certain that sales will continue to increase for many years to come. E-bikes are not only good for the rider’s health, but also they have a positive impact on the environment as they reduce the need for cars, thereby reducing carbon emissions and improving the overall air quality in cities. Furthermore, elderly citizens can gain independence and are able to commute to their loved ones even over long distances without the need for a vehicle or mass transit. So, it’s really no surprise that my store had a profit of 1000 dollars in the first month.  

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