Speaking Part 1 – Jewelry

Examiner Questions:

May I see your identification?

Yes, by all means, here is my passport that I used to register a couple of weeks back, please take a look. 

What is your full name?

My first name is Julianna and my family name is Petite, please just call me Julia for short, as this is what I’m used to being called. 

Where do you live? (Think country, city, state, locality/district, house type)

I live in a two-bedroom townhome in the heart of Victoria which is widely known as the garden city and is the capital of the province of British Columbia here in Canada. 

What do you like about your home? *Think about common responses – bright, spacious, quiet, many bathrooms

I like the open-floor concept in my home which means that the kitchen, dining room, and living room are all connected, and not separated by walls, so this way I can interact with my family most of the time without having to shout. 


Let’s talk about Jewelry. – *Associate words with the topic: fashion, gold, silver, crystal, diamond, ruby, necklace, rings, earrings, gems, luxury, wedding, anniversary, sweet sixteen, graduation, bracelet, beauty, sparkle, luster, watch – a wristwatch 

Do you like to wear jewelry? (why/why not?) Whether you answer “YES” or “NO”, you must explain your answer clearly and give an example.

No, I’m not a big fan of wearing jewelry because it irritates me, especially when I’m playing sports, at times I even get a skin rash. Also, I’m worried about losing expensive items like rings and necklaces, so I prefer not to wear these keepsakes. When I was ten, I lost a really expensive gold necklace my grandma gave me and I never forgave myself. 

What is your favorite type of jewelry?

If I had to choose, it is a wristwatch, specifically a gold wristwatch that I got as a graduation gift from my parents. I like to wear this on special occasions to remind me of my parent’s caring and my success in my studies. I had it on just a couple of weeks ago at one of my cousin’s weddings. 

Where is a good place for you to buy jewelry?

For quality assurance, I prefer to buy jewelry at my local goldsmith, Eternity Jewelry Shop, about 10 minutes from my home by car. They have a great selection and competitive prices. Also, I am guaranteed quality and authenticity. A year ago, I bought a ring for my wife there.  

If you could make a piece of jewelry, what would it be? (why?)

Given the chance, I would make a beautiful friendship bracelet for my BFF using a steel wire and some beads. I would do this to express my caring for her and give it to her on her birthday. 

Have you ever got jewelry as a gift? If yes, what?

Have you ever bought jewelry for another person?

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