IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Exercise

*TIP – Show your fluency from the VERY START! – use the icebreaker questions to give fluent and complete answers.


May I see your identification?

Yes, sure, here is my passport which I used to sign up for this test, please take a look. 

What is your full name?

Officially, as it is in my passport my name is Thomas McKinley, however, I’m used to being called just Tom, please refer to me as such if you don’t mind. 


Do you work or study?

I’m both employed as a driving instructor, and I’ve been studying stock investing so that I can broaden my portfolio and hopefully make a tonne of money in the future. Just the other day, I invested some money into cryptocurrencies as I believe these will be more valuable in the future. 

What will you do after this exam?

Right after this exam, I’m going to grab a bite to eat as I will be famished from all of the stress and thinking, and in the long term, I plan to apply for my post-graduate school either in the US or Australia to continue my studies in Marketing. 

TIP – reflect the grammar of the questions in your answers TWICE.

Let’s talk about your exercise.

***TIP – use the pronouns, “I, me, mine, my, myself” – Do NOT use “you, your, yourself”

How often do you exercise?

I regularly exercise, at least four to five times a week. Whether I’m doing yoga or going for a jog, I dedicate myself to staying fit and healthy. Just before this exam, I did 30 minutes of stretch yoga, and I feel much for it. 

What is your favorite place to do exercise?

I love to get a great workout in nature because I take in lots of fresh air and I find the greenery and scenery meditative so that I can recharge both physically and mentally. I just went for a seaside run this morning and the salty fresh air really gave me a great boost for the day. 

How can you improve your health more?

When do you exercise and why?

Has the way you exercise now changed from the past?

Yes, it has. In the past, I had gone to the gym for my workouts but these days I have been working out at home in order to reduce the chances of contracting COVID. Also, the gyms have been closed often due to the pandemic. However, I have been hoping to get back to the gym once they open. 

If you could choose just one workout, what would it be? 

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