IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Walking – Band 9

Examiner Questions:

What is your full name?

My given names are Samuel Andrew and my family name is Smithers, please just call me Sam for short. 

May I see your identification?

Of course, here is my id that I used for registration, please take a look. 

How did you come to this exam?

I arrived to this exam about 40 minutes ago on foot. It took me about 25 minutes to walk here from door-to-door; my apartment is about 10 blocks from here. 

***It is NOT a good idea to state the obvious for IELTS answers!

Ex. Well, everyone has their own leisure pursuits, mine is…

Ex. I have lots of different hobbies but by favorite pastime activity is…

(*Examiners know that some students memorize these in hopes of getting better marks, but it doesn’t work, rather, it wastes valuable time that could be used for quality communication.)

Do you have any hobbies?

Yes, I have a couple of pastime activities that I love to engage in. I like going for runs in the morning as this gives me lots of health and energy for the day. As well, when I’m feeling a bit low on energy, I like to watch documentary movies. Just yesterday, I watched A Life on this Planet, by David Attenborough. 


Let’s talk about walking.

How often do you go for a walk?

I frequently go for walks, I would say a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour each day. In fact, I have a pedometer app on my phone that tells me my average steps in a day are around 9 thousand. In this way, I stay active and fit. Yesterday, I went for a lovely walk around the small lake near my home. 

Where do you usually walk?

Aside from walking around the lake near my home, I also take any opportunity to walk to work or to the grocery store near my home whenever I need to buy some food. I find that in this way, not only do I stay in shape, but I also decrease my carbon footprint, I mean instead of using my car. 

Do you like to walk at a fast or a slow pace? (Why?)

I enjoy both, whenever I’m walking for exercise or to get to an appointment, I walk at a fast pace, like this morning when I came to this exam. However, if I’m out with family on the weekend, I stroll much slower so that I can enjoy the conversations and the scenery. 

What do you like to wear on your feet when you go for a walk?

Most of the year I like to wear my Asics sneakers because they are both comfortable and stylish, they have a nice blue color to them with yellow highlights. However, in the summer, I like to wear my Teva sandals because they allow my feet to breath and not get sweaty and they have relatively good ankle support. 

Have your walking habits changed in the past 10 years? If yes, how?

***START with, “Yes, they have…” or “No, they haven’t…”

Yes, my walking has changed much over the past decade. I have become much more self conscious of my walking style, making sure to roll off the ball of my feet and to keep a straight back with my shoulders pulled back. I have been walking much more consistently than ever before. 

If you could walk around any place for an hour, where would you go? Why?

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