IELTS Speaking Part 3 – Band 9 Strategies – Special Events

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Here are the Speaking part 3 questions that we covered in the past. Remember to practice your speaking by clicking, “Student Partner Speaking” in your My Student Account at


Let’s talk about special events

What are some special events celebrated around the world?

There are several major celebrations that are welcomed by numerous cultures around the globe each year, these include women’s day, Valentine’s Day, New Years’, and Halloween, on October 31st, to name a few. Most of these are rooted in the cultural history of many countries. In fact, I’m preparing to carve a pumpkin for Halloween just today.

Why do you think people like to gather in large groups to experience sports games?

The reason that people gather in crowds to cheer on their favorite sports clubs is that they feel a sense of community and positive spirit when they are among others who share their passions. For this very reason, I get together every weekend during hockey season with my friends to cheer on the Vancouver Cunucks.

Have there been any changes in the way people organize big celebrations compared to fifty years ago?

(***As soon as you realize that the examiner is asking you a question in the present perfect (…have + past participle…),
make sure to answer using the present perfect AND work to get two uses of present perfect into your answer.

Yes, there have been significant improvements in the way people managed their events compared to half a century ago. People over the past two decades have been using the internet and social media to organize both small and big events such as birthdays, weddings, and even major sporting functions. In fact, I have been using Facebook for the past five years to organize my birthday parties.

*Use contractions in speaking but not writing (except informal letter writing in Task 1 General IELTS)

Let’s discuss family gatherings

What are some positive and negative situations when families get together?

So, some of the happier times when family members come together in larger groups are birthdays and weddings. However, the sadder times are funerals or financial strife. In either case, it important for families to support each other in times of both good and bad.

In your opinion, is it important for extended families to gather at least a few times a year? If yes, why?

I strongly believe that multiple generations of extended families should connect face-to-face at least half a dozen times a year, like grandparents, uncles, aunts, nephews, and nieces, so that they strengthen family bonds and learn of each other’s trials and tribulations. In this way, they build their family heritage and gain a sense of responsibility towards one another. Family is the foundation of society and as the saying goes, “blood is thicker than water.” I last gathered with my extended family at my grandparents’ Golden Anniversary last year, and it was a blast.

What are some ways that governments could encourage quality family time for their citizens? Can you give an example?

I believe that national authorities should allocate tax revenue for establishing family centers in each community which provides space and events for families to gather and enjoy each other’s company. These special sites could host family-centric competitions and even give financial incentives for participating. I have heard of plans for such buildings in certain parts of my community. Yes, like an obstacle course competition where the grand prize is a two-week vacation to Goa for the winning family.

Here are the Speaking part 3 questions that we covered in the past. Remember to practice your speaking by clicking, “Student Partner Speaking” in your My Student Account at

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