Our IELTS Students’ Success Stories

Bellow you can find many of our students IELTS achievements after using and completing our website materials. We are very proud of all of our students and wish them the best in their next steps:

I’ve got :
Listening =7.5
Reading = 6.5
Writing = 7.5
Speaking =8.0
Overall band score =7.5
All the credit goes to you AE Help team. This website is my #1 advise to my colleague and friends

Adil AlSharif – Sudan

I wanna thank your amazing website and amazing teachers for your help during my IELTS preparation. I am a Palestinian doctor who lives in Gaza. I was asked to get an IELTS certificate for my Master scholarship. I had no clue where to start. I knew I had a good English, but I knew nothing about the exam, I had only 10 days to prepare for it, and I found your website, I found everything I need there, especially the YouTube videos were very helpful, anyway, i did the exam and I scored 8.5 overall with band scores 9, 9, 8 and 8.5 for listening, reading, writing and speaking respectively. I did the exam few months ago, I thought I owe you this thank you message.

God Bless You,

Ahmed Isaac – Palestine

Dear Sir

I am writing to let you know that i sat on General IELTS test for several times and I achieved and overall rate of 6.0 my results usually was L: 6.0 R: 6.0 W:6 S:6.5 I used your valuable materials (i bought the Academic Module), my wife and I studied based on your presentation , and also my wife sat on the IELTS test for the first time, both my wife and me achieved an overall band of 6.5 the structure as follow:

The below is my IELTS result according to the British Council online website

Mohamed score:
Listening: 6.0
Reading: 6.5
Writing: 6.5
Speaking: 7.0

Overall: 6.5

My Wife’s score:
Listening: 6.5
Reading: 6.5
Writing: 6.0
Speaking: 6.5
Overall: 6.5
I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to your kind self and your team.


Mohamed Sayed – Qatar

Dear Sir,
My name is Mhd Omar Al Habash living in Kuwait city, recently I successfully passed IELTS Academic Test with overall band 6.5 , aehelp online course helped me a lot to get this score, I highly recommend this course for everyone wants to go through IELTS test to, it is really beneficial, although I had sleepless night at the test night besides some headache during the test but I could get the score I want for Phd degree requirement, this was due the strategies and techniques I learned through the course. My sincere appreciation for aehelp teacher and good luck for everyone ….

Mhd Omar AL-Habash, Syria

Big thanks to you and for all the videos….I got 7.5 (L – 8.5, R – 8.5, W – 6, S – 6) in IELTS. I practiced and followed all the techniques mentioned in the videos just 5 days before the exam.


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because before I found you, all I got is 5 in writing part, but then I was keep watching about 4-5 times over and over again. I finally got 6.5 burst into tears ToT. Thank you very, very much. My dream to study aboard is finally come true.

Thank you,

Naraboon Patanacharoen

I am very happy to use the AEHELP website for my IELTS studies. I learned various key points for to improve my writing and reading skills which require for IELTS. It is always a good idea to provide key success points for time management and critical reading. Further, I hope you will provide more support on developing our skills through free videos and tutorials. I must tell you that I was able identify my weaknesses by watching videos available in youtube.

Thank a lot for the help and it is really helpful for us.

Poorna Wakista – India

Dear Sir,

I am writing you to thank you for “IELTS Writing Task-2” trial videos on Youtube. I am very delighted and appreciative your productive support through internet.
I have been taking IELTS Exam three times so far. Listening, Reading and Speaking sections were satisfactorily above 6 Band score for previous 2 exams. Writing Sections, however, were unexpectedly concluded 5,5 Band score. It is neccessarily requested that I have to get 6 Band score at least for each section, for my official application to the educational institution. Eventually, I had 6,5 Band score for Writing Section at third time after I had watched your videos and had noticed your considerable tips. My application has been accepted by school. Graduation from this university will afford me to achieve an appropriate vacant position at multinational companies and open many avenues to develop my skills.

Please be informed that I have already advised my younger brother and my girlfriend , who are still struggling with IELTS Exam, your website and sample videos on internet.
Hope that they will be happy with their test results thanks to your precious support.


Koray Y

Thanks a lot. I got 7 overall, but i am required to score 7 in each. Again giving exam.
By the way, your website helped me a lot.
Thanks a ton

Vishal Sheokand

Just wanted to say how grateful i am, the tutorials i bought from you really helped me. I got 8 overall with a 7.5 in speaking of which was my worry.
Thank you so much

Alex Okeyo – Kenya

Hi Adrian,
I am glad to inform you that I have successfully passed my IELTS exam with overall band score of 7.5 and individual marks as follows!!


Thanks a lot for your help and support in form of your material on your website, it really helped me passing my exam!!

Tushar Jaitly – India

Thank you very much. I really love your site. It’s very useful..

Witoon Tuyawat – Thailand


I would like to tell you that I have just finished your IELTS course and found it all very helpful. I am going to take the IELTS after a year, but your course has inspired me to start my preparation right now, because my aim is overall band 9. It taught me to lots of strategies which, in my opinion, will help me both during the preparation and the exam. I really appreciate the help both you and your online course gave to me and I am sure every person who has done the entire course would have the same opinion as me. Thank you for your help.

I wish you all the best.

Benny Atanasoff – Bulgaria

Thanks a ton sir for your invaluable help. I have received my score today and got 7 overall band with L 7.5 R 6 W 6.5 S 7.5
Many many thanks sir. Cheers 🙂

Aditya Kulkarni – India

Dear AEHelp.com,

I am so happy when received your recommendation about my real picture for the ‘testimonials’ block at website AEHelp.com. I attach to this email my profile image and some more detail information.
My name: THAI LE
Country: Vietnam
My feeling: For more than 3 months self-studying IELTS with AEHelp, my IELTS knowledge and skills have already improved so much, and I am so happy about that. I also introduce AEHelp.com website to some of my friends at Vietnam.
If you need anymore information, please feel free to ask me!


Thank you so much. It would a pleasure for me, thank you.

I enclose my picture in jpg format, hope to be alright.
My name is Darina Georgieva and I am from Bulgaria.

I have just looked at the testimonials block. I saw more of people stated their IELTS results, but I am going to take the test in October.

Furthermore, I noticed below every photo there is a brief text. I am not sure whether I should write it but just in case I will do it.

“Great thanks to the whole team of AE Help. Learning with your web site is just a pleasure.
Stay that amazing and continue to help people all around the world.”


Hi my great coach,
I am always excited to write an email to you. But today, I am so excited to write this mail at this cool morning. I feel immense pleasure to say thank you, thank you for providing a space on your website for my testimonial.
It is my great pleasure to send my picture and testimonial to you. This action is not only encourage other students for completing their goals and dreams but it really encourages me to practice more and more for better band on IELTS.
Sir, actually, I have no any strong ideas in terms of writing best testimonial for your product because your assistance and product is not measured in terms of four or five sentences. I don’t know how can I organize my all feelings in few sentences about you.
Any way, I am attempting to present some my sample testimonials. Among these samples, you can choose one which is better than all. If you want to make any correction or write another type of testimonial by using my name, I will be delighted to you.
Let me present some testimonials.
1 > AEHelp.com is very unique in terms of the academic environment. I discussed with my friends who attended various IELTS preparation online courses and have found that very few websites can provide the kind of memorable and successful experience that AEHelp.com offered me.
2 > AEHelp.com has provided me with the tools necessary to face IELTS test. Notions learnt in process of preparation with Adrian are realistic and close to the requirements of the IELTS exam. Today, I am proud and entirely satisfied to have been a part of an online course such as AEHelp.com
3 > At AEHelp.com everything possible is done to make the students to get best score on IELTS. The quality of the course provides it a high academic level to all aspects of language. AEHelp.com provides you with the keys to success.
4 > I am thankful to this online course which had helped me accomplish my dream of studying in foreign area. I had joined IELTS course in this website with full believe. It had aslo gave me 100 percent by day to day practice and moreover its always motivated me. So at last I simply want to say “Join AEHelp.com and get success on IELTS with best score. Thanks AEHelp.com.
Thank you for wishing me, I will attempt to complete your wishing words.
Bye Bye my great coach. I love you so much.
Your student,

Chet Raj Joshi
Dhangadhi, Kailali, Nepal

Hi Dear Admin,

I’m including a picture of myself, my name is Benedek and I’m from Hungary! I’ve got a 7.5 on the first attempt, if that’s important:) Thank you for putting me on your website, it’s an honour, and again, thank you for all your support and answers!:)

Best regards:
Benedek Bokor – Hungary

i wish everything in your business and life goes well and i want to say thank you for your precious and valuable website.
i was your costumer and again i decided to do it again. considering to your idea that give a coupon or discount for your old costumer, am I eligible to get one ?
on the other hand i want to take some writing course(specially for task 2) could you help me in order to get a high score as much as possible?

Thank you so much
Chidar – India

Respected Sir,
These are my most recenet scores in IELTS. I’m very thankful to all the help you and your team has provided me.
Your Indicative IDP: IELTS Test Result of 14 Jul 2016, is L=7.50,
OverAll=7.50 Scores in TRF will be Final
Now if you can help me a bit more. I want to pursue my masters in networking. Can you help me find a suitable and a good university for the course??

Rahat Nagpal

Nationality – INDIAN
Ielts Score 7.5 overall

Dear Adrian,

Please find attached my picture. I’m a 28 year-old Spanish doctor, I’m doing my fellowship in oncology. In May 2017 I’ll become a consultant.

In the following lines I’ll explain how I got to know your website and my experience with you. Hope you find it useful to understand that I’m very grateful for your help.

I have come to London to do a 4-month fellowship at a hospital and I needed to pass IELTS exam to apply for the license to practise. The General Medical Council’s requirements for applying for the license to practise are obtaining in IELTS exam an overall score of 7.5 and a band score of 7 in each part.
Despite I studied at the British Council when I was younger and I passed Cambridge exams (advanced, first, pet) I did struggled to obtain a 7 in IELTS writing exam.
By the time I got the results of my third IELTS exam (the third time that I obtained 6.5 in writing) I was in London. I had to take the exam as soon as possible as the fellowship had just started and I was not allowed to see patients on my own without the license to practise.
I booked the next IELTS exam available, 7 days from that date.
That’s why I googled for help on IELTS writing exam and I found your YouTube lessons. I did have books for preparing IELTS exam on my own but I needed feedback on what happened in my essays.

After watching the lessons available I joined your website and tried your editing services by submitting 2 essays (1 for part 1 and another for part 2). Once I received your first feedback in 48 hours I realised that you were serious and the feedback was accurate. From then on I submitted 12 more essay; the last two essays submitted 24 hours before the exam.
You were so kind correcting such amount of essays in that short period of time. I was astonished when I received your last feedback the morning of the exam, you corrected the two last essays in less than 24 hours because you knew I was taking the exam and I really needed those corrections!

The results were released on Friday. I got 7 in writing! Just the score I needed! I’m sure that if I had met your website before, I would have obtained a higher score.

Thank you very much for your invaluable help. I really appreciate it.

Yours sincerely,

Gloria Marquina Ospina – Spain

And it’s was all your course effort i got 6 band
thank you very much

Umair Abdul Rajpoot – Pakistan

I needed to take IELTS Academic for my Master’s Degree program application back in December 2015. I was required to score 6.5 average, 6.5 in writing. Having taken IELTS only once and very early (General Training back in 2001) and having scored only 5.5 then, I was a bit concerned. Then purchased AEHelp membership, rolled up my sleeves and studied video lessons (for only one month). Helped me score 7.0 average, 7.5 in writing. Still can’t believe they offer all these lessons for only $19!… Thank you AEHelp Team! –

Omer F ERDOGAN (34) from Istanbul, TURKEY”

brahmbhatt parth

Good morning sir, I have passed my exam.

You help me to get my require bands and I am really thankful to you. Especially your course is very useful for students I Took the full assess of your course without any charges. I have are you sign full for your kindness.

Umair Abdul Rehman – Pakistan

Hello there, i just wanted to thank you for helping getting my score, especially for the reading and speaking section. I got an overall 7.5 score! If you have a normal email address i can send you a scan of my certificate so you can be proud too)) cheers, Emanuele

Thanks Adrian!!

How many times i’ve seen your face telling me what to do))

Here is mine))


Emanuele Lai – Italy

Dear Sir,

I am happy to inform you that I have recently passed IELTS with an overall band score of 6.5. (listening 6.5, reading 6.0, writing 7.0 and speaking 6.5).

I am looking for a PhD and minimum score 6.5 is required all around the world. I didn’t had the time to go for a coaching bacause of my busy schedule, that’s why I opted academic aehelp. I didn’t know how to start. Academic aehelp provided me everything to understand online.

I am deeply thankful to you and your team for doing this wonderful job for the people like us who are unaware of proper guidance and keeping the price of your srudt very affordable.

Best Regards

Dear Adrian Benedek,

I am really sorry for replying you so late, as I was out of station from last few days. I am very happy to send you my picture and I belong to India. Thank you once again for all your help. Without aehelp, it was not possible to clear IELTS in such a short duration of time. Your simplification towards the complexity of exam structure is the real strength of preparation.

Best Regards
Vibhu Jha India AEhelp

Teacher Adrian!
It’s your mock test student Yeyoung,Chun.

I am really pleased that I can let you know about my new speaking score!!
I got 7 in speaking section!!

I would say that your advice and feedbacks were so practical and helpful.
If I could not study with you, I would not be able to get my target score.
Just like you said to me,whenever I stucked,I mentioned about my examples.
Also,since I got confidence from your test,I tried to be confident in the real test!
I think that’s the reason why I can get my new score.

You supported me a lot so that I was very motivated to pull out all the stops!

thanks you again! And I recommended your mock test to some of my friends who are struggling with Ielts like I did.

Through the comments you gave me,I could feel your passion! Now,I don’t need to study English for the test called Ielts.

However, I won’t quit to study English! thanks!! Have a wonderful weekend!

Yeyoung Chun – S. Korea

Good morning Adrian,

Thank you so much for your explanation.

It’s very helpful and useful!

Getting explanations like that always helps me with remembering specific techniques.

I actually want to say a huge thank you!
Your website is just great!

Before, I was using different books to get ready for IELTS, but I was kind of lost. Your website is nicely organized and to be honest I am so into it that I can’t stop studying.

Thank you for your help and wish you a great day Adrian!

P.S your name sounds Polish! Are you from Poland?

Best regards,

Beata Żulewska – Poland
Start your IELTS success, join us at: www.aehelp.com/full-course/

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  1. Gurkirat Singh

    I also scored an overall of band 7 (8 in listening, 7.5 in reqding , 6.5 in speaking as well as 6 in writing) Adrian helped most of the times in writing section , although I only acheived in writing my level is around 7 and some times even Adrian score me 8 in writing ,however on the exam day I made soem mistakes and iekts examiner also gave me less bands. However , as I have completed my requirements so I a m thinking not to go for reevaluation. The last thing is one of best iekts teachers in the world. He taught me everything in a simple and understanding way I never felt like he is teacher to me rather he always acted as a friend. God bless you Adrian. Proud to be your student Gurkirat.

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