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      do you believe that professional athletes make good role models for young people , support  your opinion with reasons and examples from your own knowledge or experience ?

      there is a variety of fields that take people attention . for young individuals , sports field is notable around the world . some of them are not interested in sports . other hobbies like : reading , traveling , video making and collecting stamps , etc , may be their hobby field . skilled athletes take part of a huge role example for young individuals but not all of them .

      first of all , athletes are a good models for individuals who are interested in sports field . skilled football players for example are an important models for people around the world . Liolen Messi is a famous football player known around the football globe for his successful matches and professional playing .

      secondly , athletes  are an admirable models for their fitness . Most people who are in taking-care-of-their-health journey , find athletes an role example for them . such as : swimmers are known for their good health . Majored blood pressure, fine heart beats and body muscles , are concerned by individuals .

      Also , new individuals who are registered for sport teams like football team in  school , find learning from skilled players is instant for them .

      In other words , I think that professional athletes are an important part of young people role model . whether they are interested in sports , take care of their health or are in a sport team , great athletes are always an good models for them .


        nowadays , there is several and easy ways to reach anyplace you decide to . Planes , ships and cars are the most used means of transportation . But , in my opinion , I think that vehicles were and still the most important kind of transportation in the past two centuries .

        Everybody now have a car , as a result for many different reasons . First of all , it is easy to ride and drive . It is small , so it can move simply in the roads . It is comfy for people to sit in . And it has a strong illuminator , so it can load a lot of road stressors . So cars are a very efficient vehicle in transporting .

        despite that vehicles such as cars and trains are only a good and elegant way of transportation , other vehicles like vans and trains , can be used also as a freight . It can transform many different products between foreign cities .

        So vehicles were very significant in the past two centuries until now , but there is still some drawbacks . Using a car in unsecured ways , can lead to several dangerous problems . Over the limited speed usage of a car , will lead to horrible accidents . It can injure people in the vehicle , or even worse , it can lead to death . So many drawbacks were facing  these vehicles , but they are so slight in comparison to there benefits .

        In other words , vehicles like trains or cars , have a lot of drawbacks and problems . But they are still very important for people . I can’t imagine our lifes without these vehicles , they are still in a great process since 200 years ago .

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