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    Le Linh

    Dears, Could you help me give comments and band scores to this essay. Many thanks!
    Some people say that when deciding taxes, government should prioritize health care. Others think that there are more important priorities for tax-payers’ money. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

    It is argued that taxes should be invested in health care systems or reallocated to other, more essential services. In my opinion, it is more vital for the government to concern about education and the environment.

    Spending money on health care is reasonable to some extent. Indeed, the expansion of hospital infrastructure and enhancement of both facilities and employees’s quality will be beneficial to patients, resulting in more people being cured and feeling more comfortable during the treatment period. For example, during COVID-19, almost all the all the government’s funds were allocated to providing medicines, vaccines, and necessary equipment to react urgently to the epidemic. Therefore, millions of lives are saved within the limitations of side effects.

    However, nowadays, environmental problems and educational services should be prioritized. Recently, there have been more harsh disasters like hurricanes, typhoons, and droughts, causing millions of deaths per year, which is more than the number of diseases. To solve these problems, the government must spend more tax-payer’s money not only on alleviating the serious consequences but also on educating people to have a higher responsibility to protect the environment by running a world-wide campaign to raise environmental awareness. Moreover, it is not uncommon to see children from mountainous areas not having opportunities to go to school, especially since the rate of illiteracy is alarming in developing countries. To tackle these problems, the government should bear this huge amount of money, which no individual can afford to pay.

    In conclusion, although some people support the idea that health care is the most concerning problem, I believe that more serious challenges should be taken into account. It is necessary for the government to prioritize resources in a wise order based on urgency.

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