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    I would like to make some suggestions in order to help with the video dynamic and the site usability:

    – Writing on the whiteboard: instead of write on the whiteboard during the classes, please consider to have the writing ready before the class begin. A lot of time is spent writing and this is a huge waste of time. For example, the video “Key Strategies Part 2” has 35 minutes in total, but 8 minutes are spent just writing on the board. Almost 25% of the time is waste with nothing useful.  Take as example the videos of the channel EnglishLessons4U on youtube:

    – I couldn’t find a “Search” button in the forum page (and sorry if this a duplicated question). If the Search button exists and I’m not being able to find it, please consider to put it in a more noticeable place.

    – Prevent the video in the front page to play automatically. This is so annoying!

    Thank you!


    Hi Rafael,

    Thank you for your feedback. Let me address your points one-by-one.

    First, writing on the board is a pedagogical tool. That is to say, it helps many students learn. Obviously, you are a highly competent user of English. This is not true of many of our students. Part of success on IELTS is critical thinking – I ask you to think critically and ask yourself why we would aim our learning materials (directly) at high competence users? These users are far less likely to use our materials in the first place, and doing so would impede the learning of lower to mid level speakers – exactly the type of English user we are trying to help!

    Second, the forum does seem to lack a search function. We will look into adding this in the future.

    Finally, I understand your point about the video. When I visit the site (which is a lot!), the first thing I do is pause the video! You can pause it simply by clicking on it.

    Again, thank you for your suggestions. All the best.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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