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    When there is very little left before the ME in social studies and you have already repeated the entire theoretical block, it’s time to remember about the last task of the Olympiad – the essay. Abitura tells you how to write a studybay review to the maximum and what you need for this, when there is almost no time to prepare.
    Where to start?
    The difficulty of starting an essay is familiar to many people, including myself. I remember sitting in front of a white sheet for half an hour in 10th grade, afraid to start writing. To avoid this, you need to overcome the barrier of a blank sheet of paper. Just get started! There are several ways to begin an essay:

    with a well-known statement;

    with a rhetorical question on the topic;

    by posing a problem.

    Don’t be afraid to start wrong. If inspiration came to you in the course of the essay and you found a better one, feel free to cross it out and write the introduction above, below, or at the end, but be sure to mark where this part belongs!

    Problem Statement.
    Proper problem statement is one of the first criteria by which you will be evaluated. The best method for posing a problem is to ask a question to it.

    What was the author thinking about?

    In response to what phenomenon or question did he formulate this statement?

    After answering these questions, it will be much easier for you to understand the author’s logic. It is best to try to mentally formulate a dialogue in which the suggested aphorism could have been created.

    Also an important factor here is the highlighting of key concepts, on the basis of which you can ask a question to the statement. But, unfortunately, it is not always possible to highlight key words. If you can’t highlight them, go back to the previous advice.

    The words you highlighted as key words do not necessarily have to be in the problem itself. It is often the case that these words are not part of it, but only prompt the formulation of the problem.

    An algorithm for formulating a problem on a concrete example
    You are given a statement by the French philosopher C. Helvetius: “Laws owe their power to morals.” What do you need to do to write it?

    Imagine a dialogue in the course of which such an aphorism could arise;

    Highlight the key words: “the power of laws” and “morals.”

    Ask a question to the statement: What does the strength or effectiveness of laws depend on?

    Formulate the problem: The reasons on which the effectiveness of laws depends.

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    To write a social studies essay, conduct research, create an outline, include an introduction with a thesis, develop body paragraphs with supporting evidence, and conclude by summarizing key points with help from Edit and format the essay appropriately, and cite sources as needed. Don’t forget to edit and cite sources properly.

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