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    The chart below shows the number of men and women in further education in Britain in three periods and whether they were studying fulltime or part-time.

    Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

    The bar graphs compares between males and females in Britain in further education, whether they were studying full time or part-time. As seen, the y-axis indicates the number of people, while the x-axis indicates the years including, 1970/71, 1980/81 and 1990/91, respectively.
    From 1970 to 1971 1000 male students had a full-time education. In contrast, only 650 females had a full time education. However, in 1980/81, the number of male who studied full time had slightly decreased to around 820 students. On the other hand, the number of women had grown to 800 in the same year. Interestingly, the number of women who studied full time in further education has gradually risen over the three periods to surpass the male full-time students. The part-time students were way less than the full-time students throughout the 3 decades.  As seen in the legends, the number of men who had a part-time education started from 40 and ended at 190 on 1991. Nevertheless, the number or women started at around 10 and ended at 200.
    Overall, we can infer from the legends that the number of British females who spent more time in education have substantially increased over the years while the number of male students has demonstrated a slight decrease.

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