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The table charts illustrate tourists number of Seattle and Niagara Falls cities for year 2012.

Overall, the middle phase of the year had been accounted more number of visitors as compared to the initial and final months ;however, for both cities, in july and august, tourism was at its peak.
For insights, In Seattle, the highest numbers of visitors were 200,0000 in months:- july and august, which was the half of the Niagrara Falls for same months.This is followed by june for Niagara Falls with 3,000,000 tourists, while the number of visitors were similar for Seattle in june and september. Surprisingly, except for may to september, Seattle city had not been witnessed more than 500,000 tourists in remaining months.

Moreover, for Niagara Falls, january and february together made up 1,000,000 visitors equally, which is equal and double for the months:- march and april, respectively; althought, a similar proportion had been accounted for april and september at 2,000,000 tourists . Nevertheless, Niagara Falls had witnessed an upsurge increase in december, while before it, had had observed a significant decrease from august.