IELTS Speaking Part 3 – Solitude

Let’s talk about solitude. – Spending time alone

Some people believe that every person should spend some time alone to reflect on their character. Do you agree with this? Why or why not?

I do agree because sometimes daily life gets so overwhelming that people just can’t breathe they need alone time to be comfortable and to recharge. I like watching movies alone when life is stressful like after a hard day of work at the hospital as I am an ICU nurse.

I absolutely agree with the notion that each person needs some solitude to introspect about their behaviors and perspectives. In this way, they can strengthen their positive approaches to the world around them while reducing the negatives. As a parent, I often meditate by myself and recognize when I’ve made a mistake, such as yelling at my daughter for not finishing her lunch. 

​Yes, I think everyone should stay alone for the time being. So, that one would get to know about his abilities. I agree with this statement.

Where are good places for people to be alone with their own thoughts? 

I think it depends on the person because each person has their own preference when they want to introspect. For me, I think my room is the best place to be alone with my own thoughts. Because for me to go outside it’s very much a hustle…I enjoy watching the city lights. 

A couple of good places for people to go and think about life and their decisions are a private space, like their bedroom, or in an open space like a walk around the neighborhood where they are not distracted by others. This is exactly what I did the other day while I was thinking about my plans to travel to Spain. 

I think the best places to be alone are the ones where we can be, people can be in touch with nature, parks, or the beach. Here in my city, I live in a very urban area, but there is a river where people can go to meditate. I read an article that stated…

Can you elaborate?

Isolation has been used as a form of punishment for many centuries. Is this acceptable?

I believe it’s acceptable for several key reasons. Mostly, it will help people to improve their behavior. Like in my city some guy, he committed a crime, he broke into a bank and he was imprisoned for many years. After he came out of prison, he became a great citizen. 

Uhm, as far as I’m concerned it is not acceptable for several vital reasons. First of all, it divides communities from each other. For instance, there are some countries doing this. People in this way lose connection with each other.  

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