For high band scores, focus on, A. Answer, B. Explanation C. Example 

*Use the question and paraphrase it in your answer.

***Be very careful with using “used to” and “would” as this changes what you are saying and is often an incorrect answer.

Examiner Questions:

May I see your identification please?

Gladly, this is the id that I used for registration a couple of weeks back, please take look. 

What is your full name?

What do you do for fun?

I just go to the park near my house. I go for a 10 minute walks 


Let’s talk about the internet.

How often do you use the internet?

Well, I could say I use the internet almost all the time when I’m at home because I can cheer myself, …yesterday

I use the internet daily, for work study and I also use it to find information on 

What are some of the sites you visit frequently?

The websites that I visit frequently are definitely YouTube and Amazon, on YT I can find videos,…on Amazon I can, I just bought my headset. 

Uhh, the sites, the places where I would like to develop my knowledge, the sites that I visit frequently. 

Uhm, there are many sites I used to surf daily like YT, some of the sites from which I can education related to IELTS. I just completed my graduation so I’m no long…

Do you use the internet at school or work?

Currently, (these days) I use the web at my college, I often research and at times I watch funny videos while doing assignments…

I use the internet at school only because I’m not working at all. I just graduated college and used the internet for …

Is internet access commonly available in your country?

Why do you think people use the internet?

Uh, the internet is Uhm, okay, um I would say people use the internet for a lot of reasons maybe work or study, I remember when I was in college I use…

How has the way you use the internet changed today compared to five years ago?

Oh, the way I use the web has changed much in the last half-decade. These days, I’m using the internet on phone but back in 2016 I had used it more at home on my computer. I have been using my mobile because it is much faster now I mean it has a 5g connection. 

Half a decade ago, I would say the internet was still an upcoming thought there was no 5g, the internet speed was not as…

If you could make a website, what would it be?

I love cooking so I would love to make a website on different types of recipes and different experiments. 

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