IELTS SPEAKING PART 3 – Modern Technology

Have you ever broken a lightbulb when replacing one?

Have there been any improvements to the lightbulb since Edison’s time? 

*Because this question is present perfect, you MUST answer in present perfect.

Answer -Yes, there have been many improvements to the traditional lightbulb which Edison invented back in the 1800s. *Explanation – These days, people have invented energy efficient lightbulbs such as LEDs. Also, there are many colors and sizes and shapes. *Example – In fact, I have a large floodlight to illuminate my front yard. This did not exist during Edison’s time. 


Let’s discuss modern technology

In your opinion, is technology making people’s lives easier? Why or why not? [*Avoid saying, “It depends…”, Instead, choose one side and communicate it clearly.]

Answer – Yes, I believe that technological advancements have made people’s lives much more comfortable and convenient (Explanation) by saving both time and energy. Connection to Part 2 – The lightbulb allows people to be more productive as I had mentioned, and the washing machine saves tonnes of time and energy by automating the cleaning of clothes. Example – It probably saves me at Quantitative Communication – least three to four hours of work each week. – BAND 9

What are some important technological developments for the future? (*will and going to)

Hmm, that’s an important question, but I haven’t thought too much about it, please allow me a moment. I believe that there will be great advancements in both AI and flight technology. I presume that soon enough we will witness the advent of AI flown drone transports for humans as this will solve the issues of traffic and dense population congestion in metropolitan areas, such as N.Y. and Tokyo. The other day, I saw a video on testing such technology on YT. 

What kinds of modern technology do people rely on in their daily life?

​Mamta “There are a plethora of technological gadgets which people depend on in their everyday lives. For example, washing machine, microwave and mobile phone, which I have talked about earlier. Arguably, people cannot survive easily without these technology. MY friend could not find his mobile yesterday, and he freaked, he thought the world would end!”

Let’s talk about scientific discovery 

What are some of the most important discoveries for humanity in the last two centuries?

I believe that some of the most vital advancements for humanity over the last two hundred years include electricity and antibiotics, without these, most of the technology today would not work, computers, the internet and the lightbulb all need electrical power to operate. Also, without antibiotics, many people would still die well before their time due to illnesses such as pneumonia. 

Habibullayev, “In my view, the most vital inventions that have been discovered in the last 200 years are the creations which assist travel to another planet such as ​advanced rocket science and the telescope; for instance, developments which could help individuals who have pessimistic feelings about life on Earth in the future, and ones that give data on Mars. I think this type of research has given much to the technology in transportation, communication and medicine to the general public. The rocket propulsion engine is also used in planes.”

Are all scientific discoveries a positive for society?

Should there be more regulations placed on research, why or why not?

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    Well, i believe everything have two shades however, these days discoveries is bringing lots of negative materials in our society. All the countries are in race of accomplishing something more than others and because of that we the people are facing problems. so, if i would have to advocate behalf of our society then i thinks government should have to com up with great rule like any kind of discoveries should have to analyzed by the government to check wether it is beneficial for the society or not, Also government should not only preview but also have to band some of the horrible discoveries.

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