IELTS SPEAKING PART 3 – Successful ideas

Let’s talk about effective learning


What are some steps to improve the efficiency of learning for school subjects? 

Several steps to increase the effectiveness of gaining knowledge from formal education are being on time, following a schedule, paying attention to the teacher and doing homework. All of these help students to not only understand but also use new knowledge. I’ve been doing this for my biology class and I’ve learned much about human anatomy. 

Which of these is the most important to do and why?

What teaching aids have been used by schools over the past couple of decades to improve students’ learning? 

Ah, teachers have been trying to make learning more effective over the past years, they have been using interactive materials and slides to make lessons more interesting for students as well as more enjoyable. Our math teacher uses interactive slides to teach algebra and I just love it.

What new teaching aids may students’ see in the future? (tech, projectors, AI, robots, internet virtual learning)

Uh, well, from my point of view I think there will be new types of projectors in the future. They will work on the internet, the human need will be less, it will AI, 3D images. I saw this in a movie and it was incredible. 

Some people believe that focusing on effective learning is more important than studying hard. Is this true? Why or why not?

Yes, I strongly believe that this is true, focusing on effective studying rather than doing hard work, as students will remember the subjects things, by visualizing, studying, thinking critically. As I have seen with my neighbor’s kids, they are going to school where teaching methods are good and they are learning very quickly. 

Let’s talk about successful ideas

What is required for ideas to become not only a reality but also successful? 

Well, I believe for an idea to become successful and realistic it would need to meet the people’s needs, it needs to be feasible (viable) to be turned into reality. In my region there is a start-up which for volunteers to collect the trash to collect trash and recycle it with machines, this is viable and the people need it as the streets are full of litter so it is successful. 

What can people do to achieve these steps?

Where is it common to observe successful ideas in society these days? 

Well, now we see how a large number of people become successful…there is an online store called wild berries, women are successful. Watching these successful people we can motivate ourselves, make our ideas become true.

That’s an interesting question, I guess one place where many people are really successful is online because many people are shopping through the internet and the market is millions of customers. There is a woman in my country, Russia, with an online store called Wildberries and she is a millionaire selling a new type of jam. 

Can you elaborate and give examples?

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