IELTS Speaking part 1 – Parties

In the speaking interview, you must put your best foot forward right away as you only have 12 minutes to show off your English level.

Put your best foot forward = to show your best possible self right away. 

Show off = to display with confidence

TIP 1 – walk into the interview with confidence, so show up early and practice with other candidates. *show up to your exam an hour early.

TIP 2 – Show your fluency right away – speak in full sentences and use the questions in your answers.

TIP 3 – Give example, especially when you get stuck.

TIP 4 – In Part 1, the questions are about you, so use the pronouns, “I, me, my, myself…” – do NOT use “you”.

Examiner Questions:

May I see your identification?

Gladly, just a moment please, here is my passport that I used to register for this exam, please have a look at my credentials.

What is your full name? (And, what should I call you?)

My full name is Gurpreet Singh Sama, my first name is Gurpreet and my family name is Sama. Please address me as Gurpreet.

To volunteer for speaking follow these steps, 

1. Register a FREE or paid account at 

2. Log into your My Student Account 

3. Click on Student Partner Speaking and 

4. Enable your microphone in your browser. 


6. Message me in the class “I want to volunteer” 

and I will ping you : )

Where is your hometown? SHAHIN

I didn’t catch the question, could you please repeat it? 

My hometown is Baku the capital city of Azerbaijan, it’s the biggest city in my country. It’s in the eastern part of the country on the coast of the Caspian Sea.

What do you like about it?

I really appreciate my city’s main strip, it’s a big street and there are lots of activities where I can hang out with my friends and my family. Last Saturday, I went to a great Japanese restaurant there and ate sushi. 


Let’s talk about parties

How often do you go to a party?

I go to parties uhm quite frequently, I’d say twice in a week BECAUSE I have a big family, and recently I went to my friend’s wedding, that was on the 10th of Nov. in Mumbai. 

Which is your favorite kind of party?

I like kids’ birthday parties because I like children very much since they are full of laughter and fun. I went to my nephew’s birthday party last week and it was a blast. SAMMY

Where is a fun place to have a party?

I think an exhilarating location to throw a party is a local pub. On the one hand, party-goers don’t have to clean up after themselves, and on the other hand, they can go the whole 9 yards, they can order all the booze…listen to music, as a matter of fact

Who do you usually invite to your parties?

Well, people that I ask to come over to my parties are my social circle because we have a lot in common, hence we have lots to talk about. When I think back on my 25th birthday party which I just told you about earlier this was the case. HOANG (Kevin Buy)

Have you ever been to a party in another city? If yes, where?

If you could host a big celebration for any reason, what would you do?

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