SPEAK + Repeat!

Why is the 3 minute Part 2 of speaking the MOST important for your overall band score? 

In this part, the examiner can get a really good idea of your fluency, coherence, grammar range, vocabulary and pronunciation because you are speaking about a specific idea uninterrupted for 2 minutes. ***AND this response will also greatly impact your PART 3 – Because Part 3 is related to part 2. So your Part 2 ideas and speech are reflected in Part 3. 


Talk about the perfect house for you to live in. 

You should say:

– Where is this house?

– What it looks like?

– What do you need to buy or build this home?

Why do you think this is the perfect home for you?

You will have one to two minutes to talk about this topic.

You will have one minute to prepare what you are going to say.

STEP 1 – Identify the category, a. object, b. person, c. place, d. event e. idea 

(it may be a combination of two with one being more important).

Place + object (my perfect house)

Object = appearance, origin, function, important [in this order]

Place = location, appearance, attendees, actions/events, importance

STEP 2 – Identify the topic and the controlling ideas

Topic = Dreamhouse

Controlling Ideas = location, appearance, reason, and needs

STEP 3 – come up with 2-3 ideas

  1. A ranch house in the countryside in Texas, 
  2. a Mansion in the suburbs of Vancouver, 
  3. Penthouse in NYC overlooking Central Park

STEP 4 – Useful notes (*do not write down ideas that you will say for sure – ex. Vancouver mansion)



Appearance: foot to ceiling windows, attic, 500 m2, swimming pool in/out, balcony, oceanview, 2 story, Persian carpets, tennis court, 10 bed, 5 bath, games room

Origin: custom architecture, built

Function: family gathering, parties, office/work, relax, sport

Importance: big family, long life


Green, rich, quality of life, safe, climate good

Multi culture,

Easy travel

Big city – theater, parks, hiking nature. 

Think of your first sentence BEFORE your 2-minute speaking time. This is so you can start right away and be accurate to the topic = ***you MUST use the topic in this sentence. 


“For me, the house that I’ve always dreamt of is a two-story mansion in the suburbs of Vancouver, specifically in North Vancouver. This house would have at least ten bedrooms and five bathrooms to provide lots of space for my wife and three children. It would have a modern design with foot to ceiling windows so that we can enjoy the ocean view while filling our home with precious sunlight. Certainly, there would be lots of amenities (luxuries, utilities) both indoors and outdoors including a games room, tennis courts and swimming pool both in and out of the home. I would love to host big family gatherings for special events, for instance on New Year, so I would definitely have a massive state-of-the-art kitchen with a gas stove so that I can cook delicious food. This mansion can give lots of comfort to my life so I can live a rich and happy life to the age of 100. Since Vancouver is quite an expensive city, I would need about 20 million dollars to construct such a home, and I would hire some architects to design the home exactly the way I envision it. The reason I would choose North Vancouver as my neighborhood is because it has a lot of green spaces, parks and big trees, so when I’m not in my home, I can enjoy long hikes with my family. The area has fresh air and little traffic. It is also very multi-cultural so I can meet a diversity of people with a variety of interests and I’m sure that I would have lovely neighbors. So, I would probably have a low fence around home, only about a meter or so, this way I can talk with my neighbors when I’m outside. Luckily, Vancouver is a very safe neighborhood, so I don’t have to worry about having a small fence.”

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