IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Famous inventions

***SPEAK and REPEAT – copy my sentences, my intonation, my energy!

Speaking Part 2 is the most important 25% of your interview time, it will have the GREATEST impact on your overall speaking score! *Because it is directly related to Part 3.

IELTS Speaking PART 2

Talk about a famous invention.

You should say:

-What is the invention, and how it works?

-Who invented it and when?

-Why is this invention important?

You will have one to two minutes to talk about this topic.

You will have one minute to prepare what you are going to say.

One-minute Preparation Time:

STEP 1 – Read the question carefully TWICE! -> you must make sure to answer all of the questions on the card and stay on topic!

STEP 2 – Identify the category and tense of this question

(Person, object, event, place, idea – at times it’s a combination of two)

Ex. OBJECT 🡪 Famous invention: 

When communicating well about an object to our listener, what should we include? And, how should we structure this?

Object: appearance, origin, function, significance -> In this order!

What verb tense, based on the questions, do we need to use for this Part 2 cue card?

Ex. Present, present continuous, present perfect (achievement) and past, past perfect

*In English, present perfect is used when talking about an achievement.

STEP 3 – Come up with 2-3 good ideas for this cue card! *Do not just think of one idea because you may get into a difficult situation. 

Your ideas should be original, easy to talk about and have lots of information, AND specific!

Computer and mobile phone or COVID 19 vaccine would NOT be a good choice 🡪 too common, these are complex and difficult to talk about. A robot would not be good because it is complex and it is a category, not one invention

Light bulb, ballpoint pen, washing machine (robot), microwave, wheel, fire

Choice = Light bulb

Notes: (write down useful notes that you wouldn’t otherwise think of. Write notes that will help you speak more and speak fluently)

Appearance (15 seconds and not more!) 

A – oval (round), metal antennae, filament, 15cm, 30gr, diff shapes, clear glass, lights yellow, white, etc., Metal base  


O- Thomas Edison, late 1800s, British, failed 99 times, convenience store, hardware


F – electricity, heat, light gas, bright light, twist into socket


S – work and fun in dark, bright vs. candles

*Before the examiner says, “Your one-minute preparation time is up, please begin speaking.” ***You MUST have your first sentence ready so you can start strong right away!


“One of the most famous and important inventions worldwide is the lightbulb. This is a small round-shaped object; in fact, it’s shaped just like a pear made mostly of transparent glass with a metal base. It has a couple of metal filaments inside and it is filled with a type of gas. Historians believe that the electric lightbulb was invented by the British inventor Thomas Edison in the late 1800s. The way the lightbulb works is it has to be screwed into a socket which passes electricity through the metal components which in turn ignites the gas that is contained in the glass, and this gas then illuminates with a bright white or yellow light. The lightbulb has been a revolutionary invention that has helped shape the course of modern history because it has enabled people around the world to be less limited by daylight hours. What I mean is that people can now work and play even after the sun has set, simply by turning on a lightbulb. Even though the candle served a similar purpose before the lightbulb, it simply wasn’t nearly as efficient because it isn’t as bright or long-lasting. Now offices and factories can operate around the clock simply by turning on the lights.”

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