IELTS Speaking part 3 – Special day in a person’s life

Discuss an exciting day in your life.

You should say:

-When it happened?

-Where were you?

-What made the day so exciting?

How do you feel about this day?


One of the most exciting days that I can recall in my life is when I flew to Dubai back in 2018. It was the first time I had been on a plane, flying from Bangalore International to Dubai at 7 am in the morning of December 23rd. I had decided to embark on this journey with two of my good friends Nico and Saga, as we had heard many great stories about all of the sights, sounds and entertainment in Dubai. I was quite nervous while packing my bags and excited at the same time. At the airport, during check-in I had been a bit anxious because I packed so much for our one week vacation, I was scared that they would not allow my carry-on luggage on the plane. 

I recall that the flight crew and the captain were very friendly and encouraging especially during take-off and landing. As I had never been on a plane before, the experience of taking flight was both thrilling and terrifying. Of course, like many other people, I had some thoughts that the plane might crash and burn, especially when we experienced a bit of turbulence flying over the Indian Ocean. During the flight, I got a chicken sandwich and a coffee, which was a great experience having food at 30K feet in the air. Fortunately, the landing went smoothly also, and my friends and I had an incredible experience in the city. Today, I look back on this flight with a lot of nostalgia, and as one of the most exciting days, I’ve had. 

What did you do to stay calm during your flight?

Well, I both listened to some relaxing music on the flight, and I looked out the window of the plane at the clouds. This helped me to feel at ease. 

*Use correlative conjunctions to give more fluent and complete answers.

(both/and, not only/but also, whether/or, neither/nor, either/or)


Let’s talk about special days in a person’s life

What days are common in many cultures to be considered special for individuals? 

Memorable days that are often experienced around the globe regardless of culture include, birthdays, weddings, and graduation. Not only did my friends in Canada experience these special moments but also my friends in Japan and Hungary as well. 

Why is it important to celebrate such days? 

Well, there are certainly a few good reasons to commemorate such days by getting loved ones together and throwing a big party. The most important reasons that come to mind include having a good time and emphasizing the achievement and change in people’s lives, such as when a couple announces to the world that they have found love and plan to spend the rest of their lives together. Also, by celebrating these milestones, people set the path for their next steps such as having children and upgrading from an apartment to a house. 

When people celebrate a unique event, they often spend a lot of money. What is the reason for this? 

Indeed, it is common for people to splurge on special events, as my friends and I did during our trip to Dubai. I must have blown at least three thousand dollars over the course of the week on various events such as indoor skiing, and fine dining at the top of the Burj Khalifa. The reason I did this, is the same reason many others do because it both gives a great sense of enjoyment and creates a lasting memory. 

Is it always necessary?

I do not think it is always necessary to spend thousands of dollars to have a memorable or special day, as there are certain instances where money does not matter at all. One such instance that comes to mind is the birth of a child, no one is thinking about the amount of money spent on such a day. 

Let’s talk about exciting activities

What are some adventure sports that people like to do for excitement? Why do people do some even though they can be dangerous?

What kinds of new exciting activities exist today that were not possible fifty years ago? Which of these are popular?

How will technology change the way people seek excitement in the future? Is this good or bad?

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