IELTS Task 2 Writing – Watching films

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some people say that now that we can see films on our phones or tablets there is no need to go to the cinema. Others say that to be fully enjoyed, films need to be seen in a cinema.

Certain individuals take the position that since the advent of mobile media empowering people to view movies on their personal devices, there is no longer the necessity to go to the movie theater. However, opponents, believe that in order to really appreciate films, they need to be seen in cinemas. 

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Write at least 250 words. – Ideally, write between 250 – 350 words. – AND make sure to spend from 5 to 8 minutes reviewing and revising your essay. 

Identify the topic – What are we talking about? – Watching films

Controlling idea – to fully enjoy movies theaters are necessary or this can be done with personal devices

What does it mean to watch a film? A: To watch a story with visual and auditory information on a screen. 

Why do people watch movies? A: For entertainment and enjoyment, for relaxation, for knowledge, to socialize, to feel powerful emotions

***Think about examples of movies that you have seen. 

How do movies work, how are they experienced by the audience?

Watching them on different media, phones, theater – they are created by a team of people, actors, directors, editors.

Ask questions around the controlling idea.

What are the key differences between watching movies on personal devices versus the movie theater?

Theater – big screen, big sound, comfortable, quality, attention to the film

Tablet/mobile – convenient, cheap, disturbance

Introduction – hook + background + thesis

Millions of people around the world love to watch films. (Background – definition of the topic/controlling idea ex. “to fully enjoy film”, + importance – be concise, do this in one sentence if possible) Seeing stories told through incredible sound and pictures has become a favored pastime for most people, and audiences seek the best ways to do this. Although people often watch movies on personal devices, for various reasons, I think theaters are still better for fully enjoying films because they offer both quality and immersive experience.

[Body 1 – films watched on personal devices – topic sentence a deeper definition of the thesis point – watch movies on personal devices for various reasons.]

Many people opt to watch most films on their phones, tablets, or laptops because it is convenient and cheap. (Explain) With the use of the internet, and many movie streaming services, people can watch their favorite films on the go, at home, or while waiting at the dentist’s office, and it is often free or just pennies compared to the high cost of movie theater tickets. (Example – real world, an example that your reader/examiner can relate to) Last week I streamed the Titanic from Netflix on the train while traveling to visit my parents and it was great entertainment. Clearly, this is a benefit of films with personal devices, but they do not give the ultimate move experience. 

[Body 2 – topic sentence – theaters offer a better quality movie experience]

In multi-million-dollar cinemas, much attention is paid to creating the best experience for audiences with not only state-of-the-art sound and pictures on a thirty-foot silver screen but also exceptional seating and snacks. (Example) For this very reason, I go to watch my favorite blockbuster movies like Avengers End Game, at the movie theater, as watching this on a phone would simply not provide the same caliber of emotions.

Body 3 – (Immersive experience – being a part of the story/film)

Furthermore, watching films at theaters allows individuals to truly be engaged in the film from start to finish whereby they deeply empathize with characters and catch most of the details. (Explanation) Unlike with mobile devices, such as smartphones, people are much less distracted in the dark ambiance of the theater where they follow the etiquette of paying attention to the film. This allows viewers to fully enjoy the movies’ storylines as is intended by the producers.

In conclusion, personal devices certainly have their advantages, but they do not provide the same level of enjoyment for movie fans as theaters. While it is true that people can be entertained on their phones and tablets if they are bored or just want to relax in daily life, I strongly believe that the best way to enjoy a film is by going with friends or family to the cinema. 

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