Let’s discuss city planning

***Pay attention to the question “cities” vs “not your city”

***Give clear and precise information, do not say “and so on.” Also, “name your country”

***Use the question and paraphrase it, “In Canada…in the past 10 years…”

***Use advanced grammar – a question asking about change should be answered using present perfect grammar as this emphasizes change over time. 

What are some ways that cities in your country are changing in the past decade? 

Over the last 10 years, there have been many changes in the development of metropolitan areas in my country of Canada. Since many people have been migrating to Canada these past years, there is a major boom in many cities, some cities, like my hometown of Victoria, have doubled in population, to over a million citizens. Also, cities are becoming much more modern with an ever-increasingly high skyline. 

***Always DIRECTLY answer the question (not indirectly). It’s usually best to do it right away. Ex. “I suppose most of these changes are positive…”

EXAMINER is mostly thinking: A. Does the candidate understand the question? B. Has the candidate clearly answered the question?

Is this good or bad?

Hmm, that’s a tough question to answer because it depends on perspective. I personally like big cities because they are exciting and there is a lot to do, like going to the theater or sporting events, so for me the population boom and expansion of cities in Canada is definitely good. However, those people who enjoy the small-town feeling would argue that these changes over the past decade have been negative. 

***Do not overthink your answers on IELTS, choose the easy path! The IELTS is not the time and place to come up with world-changing ideas and solutions. Stick to the known. 

***Do not say a lengthy introduction to your answer because the examiner will interrupt you and your mark will go down. “In my opinion, I believe that there should be lots of changes to cities. The one I would like to discuss and focus on for this answer is definitely roads…”

Is there anything you would change in the way cities function these days? How?

Yes, certainly there are a few changes that I would implement in the workings of cities were I given the chance. I would implement regulations to reduce air and land pollution by urging motorists to switch to electric vehicles also I would impose heavy fines for littering. As well, I would target the construction of low-cost and efficient housing for low-income families thereby improving the overall quality of life among citizens. 

Should there be more regulations placed on city planning? 

I believe there is always room for improvement and there can be additional laws that govern the growth of cities, especially, the preservation of green spaces, such as parks and trees. Also, cities should be controlled in their development so that they are aesthetically pleasing and functional. 

Can you give examples?

Let’s talk about tourism

***Work on producing clear and VISIBLE communication – ask your speaking partner, “Can you see what I’m talking about?”

In your opinion, why do people like to travel to other countries?

Millions of tourists enjoy visiting foreign nations for rest, entertainment and even business. Certainly, many people love to explore other cultures, learn the local customs and perhaps kick up their feet on a sandy beach with a margarita in their hand. It is no wonder that global tourism is a multi-billion-dollar industry annually. 

Do you think it is good or bad for countries to welcome tourists? Can you give examples?

How has tourism changed in your country over the years? Has this been a positive?

4 Responses to “IELTS SPEAKING PART 3 – Tourism”

  1. Khaled

    Definitely their is vast change happened in many contrary in the past few years , before most of tourist who comes to Egypt use to come to visit the Pyramids and sphinx now a days there are plenty of museums and certain roads designed for tourist and explore the ancient pharaonic history will walking. Last month a new road was opened in Luxor this roads is designed for tourist to walk and on their right is the nile will on their left it’s rich with the Egyptian history in the pass 200 years in the form of monuments and slide shows.

  2. Samsheena

    Well,I think it’s good because countries economy can increase as well as some population of the country will b employed by this for instance Car drivers,a hotel,Euquipment shop,tourist agencies and later this money can b used for developing the countries infrastructure,education and so on.

  3. Samsheena

    There is drastic change in the field of tourism as compared to past. The number of facilities and activities have been enhanced such as transportation facility,security system. So I could say it’s a positive change.

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