IELTS Speaking Part 3 – First Impressions – Band 9

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TIP – to get high band scores in speaking, you should make use of your Part 2 response in Part 3 – (Part 2 – a person who made me nervous = dentist Dr. Peterson)


Let’s talk about first impressions. (first impression = the opinion of a person when meeting them for the first time)

What should a person pay attention to when meeting an important individual like a teacher or boss for the first time? 

While in an initial meeting with a person of authority such as an instructor or employer a person should really pay attention to not only dressing well but also being polite, as these will impact their future opportunities as a student or employee. For these reasons I wear a suit and a smile to work everyday. 

Why is this?

How well can a person evaluate someone based on the first time they meet? 

I believe that it is possible to get a few simple ideas of a person’s character from an initial meeting such as their level of self-confidence, but I also believe that in order to truly know a person well, it is necessary to get to know them on at least half a dozen different occasions and in different contexts as human personality is very complex and often a reaction to specific surroundings. I mean a person will behave very differently when meeting them for the first time at a pub compared to meeting them at a church. 

Is this always true?

In what ways has meeting people for the first time changed from 30 years before? How does this impact relationships? 

Let’s talk about networking with people.

What are the benefits of building relationships with people in the community? 

The advantages of establishing strong ties with people in our close proximity is that we can both stay informed about important community events and reach out for help in times of need. Yesterday, I was baking a cake, and I needed some sugar pronto, it was really handy that my neighbor Kate was able to give me some; otherwise my cake would have been a disaster. 

Are there any negatives?

Yes, as with most parts of life, there are two sides to the coin and there can certainly be downsides to forming relationships with others in the community. There may be people who are malicious and ghossip about other or take advantage of them. My neighbor Frank borrowed my electric drill like two years ago and he still hasn’t returned it.

How has technology impacted the way people network? Is this a good development?

Technology, especially the internet, has dramatically transformed the way people interact with each other. Not only has social media, video chat, and mobile phone enabled global communication amongst friends and colleagues but it has also led to a greater amount of interaction than ever before. However, many people argue that this has also created relationships that are devoid of emotional content. 

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