IELTS Speaking Part 3 – Solitude – Band 9

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A fantastic idea that I came up with to improve the relations among my neighbors was to have a block party in early June of this summer. I had come up with this idea because I realized that my neighbors became very estranged from each other due to the COVID lockdown over the past year. Also, three new neighbors had moved to our block during 2020 and they didn’t know anyone on our street. I was watching a comedy movie called ‘Block Party’ and this sparked this idea. 

In order to make my idea a reality, I needed to send notifications to my neighbors. I did this by printing out some fliers and putting them in mailboxes and then following up with my neighbors a week later by knocking on some doors. Of course for the event, I had to coordinate some food, games and music to make sure that everyone would have a fun time. 

Fortunately, most of my neighbors were on board and we had fun-filled day in early June, strengthening old bonds, forming new relationships and building a strong network of support and trust in our community. 

I feel that this was truly a successful event and in the future, I would suggest to my neighbors to have such a block party at least twice a year, in spring and late summer. 


Would you host a party like this again in the future?

How much did you spend on this block party?

What was your experience bonding with your neighbors?

*Why do you think it is necessary to build good relationships with your neighbors? (Answer + Explanation + Example 🡪 relate to your Part 2 response…*always be specific to the question)

Since neighbors are living in close proximity they are often to first people who can be of assistance in times of need, so it is important for ME to have good relationships with those in my community. Just last week, my car battery died, and my neighbor John helped me out by jump starting my car.  (jumper cables).


Let’s talk about solitude. – (think of other words that sound similar – “solo”) = being alone. 

Some people believe that every person should spend some time alone in order to reflect on their character? Do you agree with this? Why or why not?

Yes, I absolutely support the idea that people need to take a few moments each day, like 30 minutes before sleep, do some meditation and reflect on their goals and interactions to improve on their character and live more successful lives. I do this myself, and I feel better for it. 

If you are not sure of the question:

  1. Ask for a repeat, “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that, would you mind repeating the question.” 
  2. Are you asking me whether or not it is a good idea for people to spend some time by themselves? (If the examiner repeats the question, you probably did not get it right.)

*TIP! – do not answer questions that you did not understand as this will NOT get you marks – you WILL lose marks and time. “Sorry, I just really don’t get what you are asking me, can you please ask me the next question.” *You will lose scores for skipping questions BUUUUT not as much as if you give way off topic and strange answers. 

*TIP – When practicing good communication and for IELTS speaking, work hard to avoid using the words “you” and “things” – (only use ‘you’ when people ask for opinions or suggestions for them.)

Where are good places for people to be alone with their own thoughts? 

A couple of good locations for people to introspect are in the safety of their homes, often the bedroom, which is private, or out in tranquil nature, like a forest or remote beach where there are few people. I like going down to Dallas Beach near my home for a walk, I find the sound of the waves crashing helps to calm my nerves and allows me to be deep with my own emotions and ideas. 

Can you elaborate?

Isolation has been used as a form of punishment for many centuries. Is this acceptable? 

Yes, I am in agreement with the practice of solitary confinement in order to reform individuals that have wronged society in some way. In fact, this is the method implored by most prison systems around the world. This measure keeps society safe from the aggressor as well as giving time to introspect and improve on one’s moral values. 

Let’s talk about relationships

What is important to maintain a healthy relationship with others? Has this changed from previous generations? If yes, how?
Why do people desire to have strong relationships with certain people in their lives? Is this true for everyone?
How have making relationships changed over the past-half century? Is this for the better or worse?

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