IELTS Writing Task 2 – Use of Phones in Schools – Band 9

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IELTS Task 2 Writing
You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Teenagers should not be allowed to use mobile phones in schools. Do you agree or disagree? Give explanations and examples for your response.

You should write at least 250 words. 

Adolescents ought to be banned from using their smartphones in educational institutions. Do you approve or disprove of this idea? Provide reasons and cases to support your position. 

*Paraphrasing the questions gives you clarity about the essay and useful vocabulary. 

TOPIC – what am I discussing? (be clear and concise) = banning the use of smartphones for teens in school. 

Controlling idea – Is it good or bad to ban the use of phones for teens in school

Critically Think about the TOPIC – ask ‘what’ ‘why’ and ‘how’

What is banning the use of phones during school?

  • Teens should not be allowed to bring phones to school
  • Teens should not be allowed to use phone during lessons
  • *Teens should not be allowed to use phones while on school premises (premises – school grounds – school property)

(teens may need their phone after school to call their parents to come pick them up) (Also, teens can use their phones for negative behaviors during lunchbreaks, or school sports events…that are outside of regular hours or classes)

  • Why should teens NOT be permitted to use phones in school. *Think of the best answers, think of what most people would say in response to this.

Distractions, bullying, negative use of the phone

  • How are smartphones distracting for teens?

Socializing, texting, non-school subjects (music videos)

  • How are smartphones misused?

Making fun of others clothing etc. looking at inappropriate content, violence etc. 

  • How can smartphones be banned while at school?

Strict rules and consequences, putting them in a lockbox while at school, network jammers on school grounds. 

Why should teens be allowed to use phones at school? ([play the] devil’s advocate – thinking of the counterargument even if we do not agree with it) – in case of emergency, to research information. 

In this question, is it good to write I partially agree? Definitely NOT. It is unrealistic, at the end of the day, you can only do one, not both. ***Also the essay asks do agree OR disagree?

In this case the easy path (essay) – I agree that phones should not be allowed at schools for teens. 

(you should be finished planning and writing your thesis within 5 minutes) Write a clear thesis (use the question) –

I am in complete agreement that mobile phones should be banned from school premises because this leads to better academic performance and social interaction. 

Introductory Paragraph (Hook + Background + Thesis)

(hook) Use of mobile phones by adolescents on school premises has become a major issue. (background – definition and importance) Teens use their phones while at school to not only research information but also to chat with each other and for entertainment. It is important to evaluate the impact of this on their school performance. I am in complete agreement that mobile phones should be banned from school premises because this leads to better academic performance and social interaction. 

BODY 1 (Topic sentence + explanation (support point 1) + example (supporting point 2) + concluding/connecting sentence)

Topic sentence – is a deeper definition/explanation of your thesis point 1

Since mobile phones are a major source of distraction from class learning, forbidding the use of these devices allows pupils to focus more on learning, and as a result, they can get better grades. (Explain – make it concrete and quantitative) Students’ attention is continuously diverted from school subjects, such as math and English, by messages and notifications which leads poor exam and assignment performance. By removing the distraction of mobile phones, teens can learn more effectively without disturbing their focus, peers and teachers. (Example) My nephew has low grades in his high school classes because he is constantly messaging and playing with his mobile phone during lectures. However, my niece, who does not take a mobile to school, has outstanding academic report cards. This is one reason that smartphones should not be allowed in schools. 

BODY 2 – (deep definition of better social interaction)

By removing the use mobile phones from schools, pupils can spend more time in face-to-face interactions and thereby build better social skills which not only lead to greater self-esteem but also good interpersonal communication skills for later life. (Explanation) By using time otherwise spent on mobile phones, many teens are likely to form friendships through valuable experiences while at school, not to mention decreasing the possibility of cyberbullying. In this way, adolescents can acquire the emotional and verbal communication that they will rely on in their future relationships. (Example) Indeed, my nephew has become quite introverted (anti-social) due to his time spent on mobile phone applications during his school studies while my niece has a large group of friends and she is an outgoing and positive teen. 

Conclusion (Point restated, argument strengthened, take-home-message)

In conclusion, strict regulations and network jammers that dissuade the use of mobile phones on school premises does lead to effective learning and socializing. Therefore, I am in complete agreement that adolescents should not be permitted to use mobile phones while at school. The primary purpose of educational institutions is to foster the future generation of happy and successful people and the integrity of the education process must be maintained.  

3 Responses to “IELTS Writing Task 2 – Use of Phones in Schools – Band 9”

  1. Lii

    Introduction: Although use of mobile phone is inevitable for communication but educational institutes should consider the bad impact of mobile phone use in school on youngsters. No doubt, I agree with the prohibition of mobile phone use of students in school because it will have better influence on their academic performance and social interaction.

    Smart phone is a device which is not only using for searching information or communication but also entertaining and chatting. So that, it is quite easy to distract student’s attention by the notification of different apps. In the consequence of this, they can not concentrate on their study and will have low grade in exam. Also when at teenage they should play and interact with other mates at off period then all of them are very busy with chatting on phone and very often some of them are doing evil things such as bullying other kids through social media. So that, cancellation of mobile phone use in school premises will be very supportive for students being attentive towards study and lectures in class. Also, teachers could be more productive and will be able to interlink with students efficiently. As my elder sister doesn’t allow my niece to use mobile phone though she is in eight standard and she is having good results in every classes still.

    Because of too much affection towards smartphone young fellows are always busy with phone, they are even chatting late night, so that in the morning they are late in school, absent from social and many family functions or events. Youngsters are indifference regarding sports and physical activities as well. With the annulling of mobile phone use in institution, students can value their inner efficiency, friendly coordination with teachers and classmates and participate in physical activities and other extra curriculum too.

    Now, youngsters are very creative and smart than us. With proper guidance and positive attitude, they can have bright future. Therefore, banning the use of mobile phone in school can be very prospective step. I am happy to welcome this grave step to prohibit the use of mobile phone because I believe any educational institute’s first objective is to educate youngsters and cooperate them to being a good and successful person in life. Also they are our future generation who are going to dominate the nation next. This effort would bring the best result to the adolescent’s future.

  2. Fram

    The banning of phones at school is often subject of many controversy. Some people say that pupils needs their phone at school to contact their parent or to make some research. Other people affirm that smartphones should not be admitted at school as it distracts students and prevents them from socialising. In my opinion, teenagers should not be allowed to take their phones at school.

    When students use their smartphones in class, they are deconcentrated. Instead of following teacher, they go on socia media, watch video or chat with other person. At the end of the day, this behavior decreases school performance and can not produce a better school results. When i was in college, i used my phone in class. At this time, i was very distracted and i had poor average in class. After that i decided to let my phone at home to be more focus at school and that was worked for me until today, my result improved.

    Another fact is that the use of mobile phone at school prevents socialising. School is also for create friendship and strong reelationship with others so that, pupils have to get to know more each other. But with the phone, they don’t see the importance of that because they are more focus on themselves and put up barriers with others. My little brother is an introved boy, one time he has said to me that his phones allow to not connect with others students and for him, it was a good thing when it is obviously not.

    To conclude, if parents want their children to be more effective and extraverted at school they must ensure that their children don’t go to school with their phones. This device can be a real brake for them. That”s why i strongly agree with the thesis.

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