IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Place to Relax – Band 9

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Talk about a place you go to relax.

You should say:

– What this place is?

– Where is it located?

– What can you do there?

– How often do you go there?

– Why you go there to relax and not somewhere else?   

You will have one to two minutes to talk about this topic.
You will have one minute to prepare what you are going to say.
You can make notes if you wish. 

STEP 2 – Identify the category of the card (person, place, object, event, idea)

*Place – 1. Location, 2. Appearance 3. History 4. Attendees 5. Activities 6. Experience

Identify the tense of the card – present tense, present perfect

STEP 3 – Think of 2-3 places that are original, easy to talk about, lots of content

(*Don’t just talk about the first idea that comes to mind!)

Red cedar tree at the top of Mt. Worth, Family Farm – Greenland, Colombia City Park, Vancouver Chinatown, Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh, JAN mediation club, Banff Resort Hotel in the Rocky Mountains.

NEXT STEP – Useful notes

Location: btwn Alberta and BC at 4000ft in Rockys

80 mins from Calgary

Lake Louise

Appearance – a large castle, lots of nature, trees, forests, snowy mountains, 50 acres, swimming pools, indoor and outdoor, hot springs

History – first half of 20th century

Attendees: local/foreign, young/old, wealthy…5 star

Activities – (relax) – swimming, mediation, yoga, spa, massage, world-class dining, wine, fishing, hot springs, room service, nature tours 

Experience – (relax) release stress, rejuvenate, enjoy world-class luxury, pampering, feel younger, energized

LAST STEP! – Think of your first sentence! First sentence MUST be direct to the question and clear!

A place where I truly love to go at least once each year in order to unwind is Banff Resort Hotel. This luxury five-star hotel is located at 4000 feet altitude in the Rocky Mountains, about 80km from Calgary in the province of Alberta, not far from BC. It is surrounded by beautiful nature. Just a few kilometers away is the famous mountain lake, Lake Louise. This is a fairly large hotel with several hundred rooms. It looks like a modern castle in the mountains. It has a dozen swimming pools, both indoor and outdoor, and several restaurants as well. As far as I know it was built in the first half of the 20th century. 

There are tonnes of relaxing activities that I enjoy there each year during my one-week stay. The hotel has a world-class spa which offers different kinds of treatments such as physiotherapy and massage. I also soak in the hot springs of the hotel for an hour a day. When I get hungry, I order room service and watch a movie in my room. When I have  a bit of energy I enjoy going on nature walks and taking pictures of the amazing vistas of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains. 

I frequently meet interesting people there from different parts of the world as tourists come from far and wide to enjoy this incredible hotel. The staff are very professional and friendly and really help me to relax and enjoy myself. 

Every time I go Banff Springs Resort, I feel rejuvenated after my stay. I feel younger and full of energy. I find this place quite magical and that’s why I keep going back there year after year. 

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  1. Lii

    I do not travel that much but on October, 2017 I went to Kolkata, from there I headed to Darjeeling. It was a unplanned, night trip and I went by bus. When I was travelling I felt, rather I would stay at hotel to go to Darjeeling because bus engine failed at midnight and we had change the bus and it was impossible to tolerate and very unpleasant journey.

    After reaching Darjeeling I was devastated, no hotel was available and nothing was there. After facing all of the difficulties we had got a nice hotel and I felt comfort. As I found then Darjeeling was amazing, it was drizzling almost everyday, nice cold breeze, greeny mountain area and immediately I forgot all of my pain what I faced on the way of Darjeeling.
    I went there with my husband and we stayed over there for one week. Every morning we walked here and there to enjoy the natural beauty of Darjeeling like we went to Tea Garden, it was huge green area, nice smell of tea leaf and we never forget to taste fresh warm tea with melty chocolate dessert. I visited Temple which was on the top of the mountain which is a very best place for meditation though when we started from hotel to temple then it was raining, roads were narrow, huge traffic were there.
    During that time the beautiful narrow hilly roads, colorful many different bright flower, rainy calm weather enthusiast me, their rustic food, wild fresh tea was amazing. If I get any opportunity to go there I would love to grab that and want to explore many more peaceful time again.

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