IELTS Task 2 – Global Warming – Band 9

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IELTS Task 2 Writing

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

As certain regions of the world become increasingly warmer, people are forced to find alternative solutions for places to live. Discuss the causes and consequences of this change. Include explanations and examples for your arguments.

Write at least 250 words.

As some parts of the planet continue to experience higher temperatures, citizens must find different opportunities for survival. Discuss the reasons and outcomes of this change. Support your position with explanations and real instances. 

TOPIC = global warming affecting human habitat

Controlling Idea = reasons for this and the consequences

*Apply critical thinking (questions: what, why and how)

What does it mean that global warming is affecting human habitat?

Some places, especially equatorial climate zones are becoming too hot, 45 degrees plus, and people are forced to move to cooler, more northern and southern climates. 

Why are people forced to change their habitat due to increasing temperatures?

People are having difficulty being productive and staying healthy in places where there are extremely high temperatures. They are forced into air-conditioned environments to avoid heatstroke and sunstroke. 

How does this happen? (Think about a real-world example)

Abdullah in Abud Abi is experiencing 55 degree temperatures. He feels that he is going to faint from heat stroke and decides to move to Toronto Canada. 


What are the reasons for global warming forcing people to move?

Increasing greenhouse gases, CO2, and deforestation, as well as the natural change of surface temperatures as the earth changes its position in relation to the sun is increasing temperatures by more than one degree each year. 

What are the consequences of people moving from very hot to cooler areas?

Increasing population density in certain regions, soaring real estate prices, increasing human competition for survival and conflict. Decreasing development in hot regions of the world. Potentially increase in illness in hot zones.

Introductory Paragraph

Global warming is forcing unprecedented migration of humans these days. 

(Hook – introduces the topic, short, interesting) Global warming is forcing a major shift in the habitats of billions of human lives.  (Background – definition and importance) Some places, especially equatorial climate zones, are becoming too hot, 45 degrees plus, and people are forced to move to cooler, more northern and southern climates. Individuals have difficulty being productive and staying healthy in places of extremely high temperatures; they are forced into air-conditioned environments to avoid heatstroke and sunstroke. (Thesis, causes and consequences) Both human activity and natural change is causing this phenomenon and the consequences are increasing competition and conflict. 

BODY 1 – (Topic sentence which further defines point 1 in the thesis)

Both the shift in the earths relative position to the sun as well as the rapid industrial evolution of humans are lending way to increasing surface temperatures. (Explanation – real world, quantitative, logical, directly flowing from your topic sentence.) Over the past couple of centuries, the earth has shifted both on its axis as well as distance to the sun which has resulted in temperature increase. This has been accelerated by automation and factories which create pollution that results in a greenhouse effect; further increasing the temperature on earth. (Example – specific and real world). In Saudi Arabia, the average temperature over the course of the past decade has increased by one degree Celsius annually, and now summer highs can reach over 50 degrees forcing many citizens to find other places to migrate to. Clearly, the exodus of millions of people to other parts of the world has major social and political impact.

As population densities and the demand for survival increase in limited areas of the world, so too does economic and physical conflict among individuals. Millions of people are seeking better lives in North and South America, as well as Europe and Asia where weather patterns can sustain human life. As a result, real estate prices are skyrocketing and nationalist sentiments are flaring. Cooler cities in Canada, like Victoria and Vancouver, have experienced a population boom of 50% over the past decade and this has resulted in average house prices being over a million dollars. 

Conclusion (Point restated + argument strengthened + take-home-message)

In conclusion, both human use of resources and natural cosmic changes result in increasing temperatures on earth, and this has negative consequences for people’s lives. Namely, people are becoming more competitive and fighting for survival. Certainly, humanity as a whole must rapidly evolve socially and technologically in order to mitigate the impact of climate change. 

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