IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Staying Healthy – Band 9

Hi Students! Here are the Speaking part 2 questions that we covered in the past. Remember to practice your speaking by clicking, “Student Partner Speaking” in your My Student Account at (Use code A8TW9 to get a 10% discount when you join the Premium Package) Good studies


Talk about an object you use to stay healthy.

What is this object?
Where did you get it?
How do you use it?
How does it help you stay healthy?

You will have one to two minutes to talk about this topic.
You will have one minute to prepare what you are going to say.

STEP 1 – Read the question topic TWICE and read the questions VERY carefully. (One of the most common mistakes is candidates speak off topic and/or they do not answer all of the questions.)

STEP 2 – identify the category and the tense

Object – appearance, origin, function, significance, opinion

Tense – past, present, present perfect, past perfect, progressive

STEP 3 – Think of 2-3 great answers “Think outside the box” – should be original, easy to talk about and lots of content – Don’t talk about your bike because everyone else will too. 

Vitamin E capsules, Fitbit (might be difficult – pedometer – step count), running shoes, surgical face mask N95 (be specific), multipurpose antibacterial disinfectant, skipping rope, yoga mat, face wipes, a Nutribullet high speed blender, food processor. 

Water – appearance? 🡪 YES! I drink crystal clear water, it is smooth and low in minerals, I like to drink it at room temperature

Yoga Mat – original, lots of content, easy to talk about


Appearance – colorful, 8 ft, soft, spongy, rubbery, half centimeter, sweat absorbent, carry case

Origin – Amazon recommendation, Taobao, my best friend for b day, back acheS

Function (how do you use it) – roll out, lay down, stand, sit, carry it, clean it, dry place,

Purpose – stress release, meditation, stretching, work out, strength training, (body and mind)

Opinion ….

STEP 4 – Think about your first sentence BEFORE! Your 1-minute is up. 

An object that is really helpful for me to stay fit both physically and mentally is my Lululemon Yoga Mat. The mat is 3 feet wide and 8 feet long, about half a centimeter thick, its sky blue, it has a spongy texture and it has the Lululemon omega logo at the top center of the mat. It came with a strap for easy carry and can be rolled into a fairly small sized tube. I got this mat for my birthday three years ago from my best friend Corey because I had been complaining to him for some time about suffering from back ache. At least four to five times a week, I roll out my yoga mat, either at home, at a park or in a yoga studio. I stand, sit or lay on it and do a variety of exercises. Once I’m done, I roll it up, throw it over my shoulder and put it in my closet for storage. Once every two weeks, I clean it with tea tree oil. I use my mat for several different types of yoga, primarily for stretching to relieve my back pain. As soon as I feel limber, I get into some strength training, and this keeps my body truly fit and healthy (keep reflecting the topic). At times in the evening, I sit on this mat and meditate for half an hour to clear any of the anxieties I’ve accumulated throughout the day, this helps me to maintain a health mind. 

I can say with confidence that I love my yoga mat, it is certainly one of the most thoughtful gifts that I have received and it is an integral part of my healthy and happy living routine.  

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