IELTS Speaking Part 3 – Having Fun – Band 9

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Let’s talk more about having fun.
Why is it important for people to have fun every once in a while? 

It is vital for individuals to enjoy life every now and then, so that they can let go of stress and be motivated for future productivity and success. I always take a few hours a week to watch a movie and play games with friends to propel me into the next day of work at the office. 

Rejuvenate – regain life energy

What happens if people don’t have fun every now and then?

Well, when people are unable to have a bit of fun at times, they tend to become depressed and irritable. In the long run, this could lead to severe physical and psychological disorders, so it is best to avoid it at all costs. Some businessmen have this challenge and eventually burn themselves out. 

Irritable – to become frustrated or angry easily and quickly

Burn out – to reach a state of being where a person lacks motivation and energy

Avoid at all costs – to not do regardless of consequence

Use idioms and expressions naturally in IELTS – Do NOT force them – it sounds really awkward. 

At times people enjoy themselves by watching violent sports such as boxing, is this acceptable? Why or why not?

How have people’s entertainment activities changed in the last twenty years? 

Well, over the past two decades there have certainly been some shifts in the activities which people do to have fun, namely, people spend fewer times outdoors and with face-to-face interaction, and more time on their digital devices. Social media platforms have become the go to for relaxing and having laughs. I know many of my friends over the past years have dedicated much time to sharing funny memes. 

Have shifted = have changed

Have gravitated = to be attracted to, to have an affinity for.

Have taken to = have grown a liking for –> to develop an interest and enjoyment for

Will they change in the future?

Let’s discuss recreation and activity centers – rec center
What are some common facilities available in recreation centres?

Common facilities in rec centers are swimming pools, football fields, basketball and volleyball courts. These are what people usually search for at these venues to get some physical exercise while having fun with others. As yesterday, a cousin of mine called me for swimming pools nearby my house.   

Why do people like these?

Is it the government’s responsibility to build public recreation centers or should they be privately owned? 

Although there is nothing wrong with privately owned rec centers that may give very high quality services and products, I do believe that it is primarily the responsibility of governments to invest tax money into building and maintaining these facilities because it leads to the overall well being of the populace, in regards to physical and mental health, these centers build community spirit and in the end, increase the quality of life in the nation. 

How can athletic centers benefit a community and what are the best ways to achieve these goals?

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