IELTS Task 2 Writing – Family Dinner Time – Band 9

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IELTS Task 2 Writing

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some people feel that the tradition of family dinner time is disappearing and parents and children rarely sit together to eat meals during the day. What is the reason for this change and what may be the consequences? Give explanations and examples from your own experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Certain individuals ascertain that the culture of family meal time is becoming extinct and nuclear families rarely gather together for eating meals in the day. What has led to this and how does it impact the individual, the family and the society. Give explanations and instances from your own experience.

TOPIC = disappearance of family dinner time

What is the disappearance of family dinner time? *Think of both DOs and DON’Ts

Children and parents do not gather together for the main meals of the day, breakfast, dinner or supper around the dining room table.

Irregular, varying meal times, different food at different times and different locations. 

Why is family meal time disappearing?

Because of busy schedules – both parents have to work, Less time for eating, different preferences of food, because of distractions like video games, a neglect for family bonding – a lack of emphasis on the importance of family interaction. 

How is family dinner time disappearing?

Family members go to the fridge at different times for food. At times family members eat out with others. 

Controlling ideas = causes and consequences of family dinner time disappearing

What are the consequences of family dinner time disappearing?

Weaker family bonds. Less knowledge of other family members. Greater miscommunication. Potentially more conflict among family members. Lack of caring and respect. 

The goal of planning is to come up with a great thesis statement!

The thesis is the last sentence or two of your introductory paragraph. It tells the reader:

  1. The main points for argument
  2. The voice of the author
  3. The structure of the essay

(NOTE, indirect thesis statements are usually not as good as direct thesis statements, ex. This essay will discuss the reasons and consequences of no longer having quality family dinner time.)

Furthermore… – “this next point is related and perhaps even more important than the last”

In addition… – “here is another related point that is equally important”

Direct Thesis:

In my opinion the main reasons for family dinner time vanishing are busy schedules and missing values, and the ramifications are weaker family bonds and a lower life quality.   

Introductory paragraph (Hook + Background + Thesis) – ALL coming from the planning. (The hook is a simple 8 – 12 word sentence that introduces the topic)

TIP – Make sure to avoid redundancy among the parts of your introduction – your background should not overlap with your hook or thesis. 

H: The thousand-year-old tradition of family dinner time is gradually becoming extinct around the world. Rather than sitting together for meals, parents and children these days often eat either alone or in the company of others at different times and in different places. There is a strong impact of families no longer sharing their experiences around the dinner table which warrants further discussion.  In my opinion the main reasons for family dinner time vanishing are busy schedules and missing values, and the ramifications are weaker family bonds and a lower life quality.   

Body – reasons for the disappearance of family dinner time (busy schedules and missing values) 

Children and parents often have responsibilities throughout the day whereby it is difficult for them to synchronize their activities to allow for a common mealtime. (Explanation) Parents are frequently working ten or more hours a day and children are busy with extracurricular activities such as sports and music. (define 2nd point – missing values) Furthermore, the importance of family dinner time is not emphasized by current generations and this leads to ignoring its daily practice. These days, parents do not demand their children to sit at the dining room table and practice eating etiquette as parents did in the past, super being from 5 to 6 pm and everyone in the family is expected to attend. (Example) My parents are busy with work in the evenings and they do not anticipate that my siblings and I sit at the dinner table with them as did their grandparents when they were children so, each of us eats at different times throughout the day. Unfortunately, these attitudes lead to negative consequences in the end.

BODY 2 – Topic + Explanation + Example

Since families are not routinely spending an hour or two each day getting to know each other deeply by having conversations during dinner, they are becoming estranged from each other, and this leads to fewer happy family moments. Family dinner time gives an opportunity for children and parents to express their concerns and share their achievements, like promotions at work or great exam results at school. When there is no opportunity to do this, neither parents nor children receive positive reinforcement for their efforts, and this can lead to a lack of motivation and even depression. Personally, I feel bad that I have little knowledge of what my parents do at work, or my siblings learn at school because we do not share meals together. 


In conclusion, family dinner has become scarcer due to loss of its importance and loss of parental time. This results in alienated families and less happy children and guardians. Therefore, it is vital that parents give more attention to the revival of this tradition for the betterment of their loved ones.  

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