IELTS Speaking Part 3 – City Development – Band 9


Talk about a memorable landmark you have visited.
You should say:
-What the place is?
-Who you were there with?
-What happens in this place?
-And, why this landmark is so memorable for you?

A very memorable landmark that I have visited back in 2005 is the Great Colosseum in Rome, Italy. This world heritage site is located in the heart of central Europe which was at one point the epicenter of the Roman Empire. The colosseum is built on ten acres of land, it is an oval shaped theater or stadium made of stones and is a reflection of the advanced Roman engineering back in 72 AD. The stadium is about 30 meters in height and houses roughly 2500 spectators sitting around a main stage or area where entertaining events were held for centuries.  The Romans had originally built the colosseum for gladiator battles and chariot races in order to entertain the citizens of the empire. The gladiators would emerge from underground tunnels and battle each other or animals often to the death. Later in history, the colosseum was used for music and theater, and nowadays it is mostly for tourism. I had visited there in 2005 with my friend Corey when we were on a European tour after graduating university. It was an incredible experience to see the place which I had not only read about in school, but have also seen depicted in so many Hollywood movies. The colosseum has been restored somewhat to reflect its former glory, and certainly during our visit, there had been a moment where I felt the roar of the Roman citizens as they cheered for their favorite gladiators. I took many pictures when I was there, and it is an amazing memory that I will treasure for the rest of my life. 

Do remember the cost of the ticket to enter this landmark?

Well, I don’t recall the exact amount, but if I had to guess I would say it was around 20 Euros. 

Absolutely, I was shocked that I had to pay an arm and a leg, it was 50 buck US, but in the end, it was worth every penny. 

Do you think the colosseum will ever be used for entertainment again, aside from tourism I mean?

I don’t think it is in good enough shape to be anything but a tourist hotspot. Also, I don’t think that the structure could be really used as a stadium again without it falling apart. The stones are simply too old and brittle. 

Important tips for high bands in Part 3,

  1. Make sure to use the question in your answers, reflect the grammar, and give explanations and examples. 
  2. Make sure to connect your Part 3 responses to your Part 2 discussion as much as possible. “Just like I mentioned about the colosseum…”, “As I had said in the previous part…”


Let’s discuss city development

What are some ways that cities in your country are changing in the past decade?

Cities in Canada have flourished both technologically and economically over the past ten years. There have been many improvements to historical landmarks which have drawn an increasing number of visitors to cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Just like the colosseum in Rome, millions of travellers now go to Toronto to see the CN Tower. 

*Present perfect is good in this answer to reflect both change and achievement over time. Since we do not express the agent of the action, the engineers or builders making these changes, we use the passive form of the present perfect. 

Is this good or bad?

I think this is mostly positive for Canada as the increase in tourism helps to create many jobs in this industry and thereby improves the living standards of the citizens. I read that just last year a new museum in Toronto hired 500 employees. Furthermore, the improvements in technology have made commuting and communicating faster and better than ever before. One downside is that tourists at times create added pollution; however, this can be managed by authorities.

Is there anything you would change in the way cities function these days? How?

Yes, I would make a few adjustments to the daily operation of cities in Canada. Firstly, I would have the government fund more public transport systems, especially to rural areas. In this way, decreasing carbon emissions. Also, I would allocate funds to improving the fiber optic network across the country as the internet infrastructure is still quite poor in Canada compared to the global standards. 

Should there be more regulations placed on city planning? 

I definitely feel that more legislation should be established which regulates the aesthetic of new buildings to keep the cities looking beautiful. There is a large box shaped mall which has been recently built in Vancouver, and it looks awful. Also, there must be laws that protect green spaces, like parks, so that people not only find cities functional but also pleasurable to reside in. 

Can you give examples?

Let’s talk about tourism

In your opinion, why do people like to travel to other countries?

Do you think it is good or bad for countries to welcome tourists? Can you give examples?

How has tourism changed in your country over the years? Has this been a positive?

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