IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Hats and Shoes – Band 9

TIP* – Start you answers with full sentences right away, so that you both show fluency and build your confidence for the rest of the interview. The icebreaker questions are a GREAT way to do this. 

May I see your identification?

Yes, certainly, just give me a moment while a pull it out of my pocket. Here is my passport that I used to register for the test. 

What is your full name? (NOTE – be polite during the introduction – “…please call me… OR …just call me” (do not use ‘but you can…’)

My full name is Edward Gonzales, please call me Edi, it’s my nickname and I’m comfortable with it. 

Where do you live?

I live in a two-bedroom townhouse on the outskirts of downtown Victoria BC, which is one of the most western cities in Canada. 

What is your favourite hobby? (Answer + Explain + Example)

***Be Specific with your answers! – you WILL get a better band score because it is better communication,

DO NOT start with – “I have lots of hobbies such as…but my favourite one is…”

In my spare time I am passionate about cycling. I love getting exercise and seeing many new places while doing it, and riding my bike for an hour at least two to three times a week is a great way to do this. I went for a nice ride along the beach just yesterday with my friend John. 

(In this way not only is your answer more accurate but you are also using more contextual vocabulary)

TIP – It’s okay to be nervous during the icebreaker questions, and make a few mistakes as a result of the jitters. *However, once the specific questions begin for Part 1, you will lose marks if your mistakes persist regardless of being anxious or not. 

PART 1 (*Important – this is about YOU! Do NOT use “people, you, he, she” to refer to others – refer to yourself in the first-person voice – “I, me, my, myself”)

Let’s talk about hats and shoes.

Do you like wearing hats? (Why or why not?)

I occasionally like to wear a hat, especially if it severs some kind of purpose. I like to go running a few times each week and I wear a white baseball cap to keep my head cool and to keep the sun out of my eyes. 

How many pairs of shoes do you have?

I would say that I have around ten pairs of shoes for various purposes. I have dress shoes for formal functions, as well as sneakers for running, hiking boots for going outdoors and I have a comfy pair of loafers to mope around my home. Right now, I’m wearing my formal shoes for this exam. 

When do you wear a hat? (TIP*** Do NOT be redundant with your answer – do not give the same answer twice, instead, connect and expand on your answer)

Aside from wearing a baseball cap for running, I also wear a sun hat when I’m at the beach and I have worn some party hats for special occasions such as birthdays and weddings. 

Where is a good place to buy shoes?

***TIP!!! Make sure to include smooth examples into your responses as much as possible (just one per question) These WILL improve your band score by at lease half a band or more)

What do you wear on your feet in the winter? (Why?)

I often shop for shoes online as stores like Amazon and Flipkart offer more competitive pricing. To be honest, I go to the mall and try on a variety of shoes, when I find a pair that suits both my style and budget, and fits me just right, I go back home and order it online. I bought my last pair of adidas running shoes this way and saved about 20%. 

What do you wear on your feet in the summer? (Why?)

Has your style of footwear changed over the years?

If you could make a hat, what would it look like?

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