IELTS Speaking Part 3 – Changing History – Band 9


Give complete answers – The answer, explanation and example

Do NOT use the word “things” in your communication as it has no value for you listener – to improve your speaking skills always strive to find the best noun for your subject and object!

*Use the question in your answers, paraphrase the question when you give your answer to create greater coherence and fluency.

Let’s talk more about changing history.

Some people create much change in society during their lifetimes. What do you think motivates such people? 

Many individuals who have a great impact on communities and nations are driven by their past experiences and their desires to create a better future for themselves and their fellow men and women. M.L. King wanted to see a world where his children would be treated as equals with all other Americans and not suffer from prejudice, so he strongly and publicly advocated for such change.

Is this always good or bad?

I suppose it could be either or, I mean it depends on what the person is advocating for. In some cases, this could be for the benefit of mankind, such as reducing pollution and creating social equality, which is good, but, unfortunately, there are numerous cases where people are motivated to affect negative change in society that leads to conflict and suffering. One example would be Hitler. 

What are some changes that may need to happen to ensure the prosperity of future societies? 

Certainly, there will need to be some different approaches implemented in coming years and decades to make sure that humanity both survives and lives well going forward. The major challenges that will need to be solved are global warming and environmental degradation, as well as social equality and universal education. In order to achieve this, I strongly believe that a unified world government will need to be established. 

What is needed to make these changes happen?

One of two situations is required for such changes to occur, either a public awakening to the fact that all people are equal and the same and we need to be motivated to save ourselves and the world around us, or extreme challenges caused by nature, such as famine and drought that eventually will force all of humanity to unite. I hope it will be the former rather than the latter.

Let’s discuss important historical figures.

Why is it important to teach about important people in history? 

It is vital to educate current and future generations about past pioneers of social and political change because this will shed light onto better solutions which serve the interests of the majority, as well, it helps to avoid mistakes of the past. Key figures may include people like M.L. King, Hitler, Pol Pot, A. Lincoln, and Saint Terresa to name a few. 

How can people be encouraged to learn about such people?

In what ways are leaders today similar to leaders of the past? How are they different?

Have views changed about certain historical figures over the decades and centuries or have perspectives stayed the same? Can you explain further?

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