IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Tables and Chairs – Band 9

IELTS is testing a new system for speaking which is through video chat at a test center BUT you are NOT in the same room as the examiner. *Many students are getting notifications from IELTS to do TWO speaking interviews, the first is just a trial, you do not get marks!

***Important message, practice both face-to-face (with mask on) and video chat speaking for your IELTS. 

Speaking Part 1

Examiner Questions:

What is your full name?

My given name is Jacob and my family name is Sanders, please just call me Jake.

May I see your identification?

Yes of course, here is my drivers license that I used as my ID when I registered for the exam, please take look. 

How did you come to this exam?

I rode a bus to this exam, there is a stop just outside my home and it took about half an hour to get here. 

How will you go back home?

I will go back the same way as I came, by bus, as it is the most convenient and affordable transportation for me. However before hopping on the bus I plan to make a pitstop at a restaurant for some grub. 


Let’s talk about tables and chairs

How many chairs do you have in your home?

Just give me a moment to count them up in my mind. (3 seconds). I guess there’s about nine chairs in my home, an office chair in the study, six dinning room chairs, and two foldable chairs on the balcony. 

Where are the tables in your home?

There are three tables in my home, not counting the two nightstands beside my bed. One table is in the dining room, there is a coffee table in the living room and a large wood table in my office which I use for work. 

Which is your favorite chair and why? (ergonomic chair)

My go-to chair is my manager’s chair in my office, not only is it a comfortable chair with an elegant leather cover, but it also has an ergonomic design with lumbar support, so I can sit in it for hours and not get a back ache. In fact I used it for more than 12 hours just yesterday to study for this exam, and when I finally got up, I still felt like a spring chicken. 

Lumbar = lower back, go-to = first choice

What do you use your table for?

Have you ever broken a chair? How?

Yes, I have. I’ve had a couple of embarrassing moments breaking lawn chairs. Some of these are just made of cheap plastic and one time when I was at my friend’s house, as I sat down, the chair’s legs broke and I fell on my back and spilled red punch all over myself. While the others’ laughed I was quite upset and threw the broken chair over the fence. 

If you could buy any kind of chair what would it be? 

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