IELTS Speaking Part 3 – Life Skills – Band 9


Let’s talk about life skills.

What are some skills that parents should teach their children to be successful in life?

There are many important abilities that parents ought to pass onto their offspring so that they can achieve success in their lives, such as good communication skills, financial management and hard work. Having such skills leads to high-paying jobs and happy relationships. I can still hear my fathers voice telling me to keep pushing forward and to listen to others before giving ideas.  

What skills should schools teach to students to guarantee their success in life?

I believe that educational institutions are responsible for teaching much of the book knowledge that is needed for growth and success, these include academic topics like math, history and sciences, which not only set the foundation for a child’s future job but also enable him or her to discover their passion in life. I discovered that I love teaching while doing a class presentation in high school. 

How have the skills required for daily life changed since a generation ago?

The skills for day-to-day living have changed a fair bit since my parents’ time. 

During my parents’ time generalized skills were acceptable for many jobs; however, these days, specialized skills are in high demand for most work, as well, nowadays, people have to be proficient in the use of technologies, such as computers and mobiles, as well people have had to adapt to the overwhelming information that is hitting them each day, and this requires people to constantly filter for the truth. I know that I’m often closing apps on my phone so that I do not get distracted. 

What new skills do you think may be important in the future?

There are a few different skills that may become handy for the next generations depending on what direction the plant and society goes. If humans continue to thrive and develop technologically then certainly computer skills, programming and financial management, like trading cryptocurrencies, are going to be valuable assets. However, if it all goes south, then survival skills like gathering food and purifying water may become necessary for survival.

To be handy = to be useful

Things go south = to turn for the worse = to become bad

Where can people learn advanced skills which are highly demanded by society? Can you elaborate on this?

Let’s talk about setting goals.

Why is it important to set goals in life? What are the best ways to set these goals so that people can remember them?

Why are some people not able to achieve the goals that they set for themselves? What can they do to change this?

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