IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Charity – Band 9

Speaking Part 2

Talk about an establishment that does some type of charity.

What is this place and where is it?
How does this place help people?
What can people do to contribute to this place?
Why do think places like these are important and how can they be even better?

You will have one to two minutes to talk about this topic.
You will have one minute to prepare what you are going to say.

Place (general present tense) – Location (12 seconds), appearance (12 seconds), (history), attendees (20 seconds), activities (30 seconds), importance (30 seconds).

Think of 2-3 good ideas (original, easy to talk about, lots of content)

Hope Cancer Society, Orphanage (first thought, too common), Meer Foundation, WWF, Unicef, WHO, Red Cross

Red Cross in downtown Mumbai – 


Location: Red Cross Mumbai, located in downtown, central to most people

Appearance: Logo on 5 story building, white, like a hospital, big parking, ambulance, square building

History: 1950

Attendees: 300 employees: nurses, doctors, volunteers, patients, paramedics, admins

Activities: blood donation, healing, charity, health education, pharmacy, counselling

Importance: management in crisis, health for ill and impoverished, protect life and health, improve life quality, develop society, public awareness,

Think of your first sentence:

The Red Cross in downtown Mumbai is a charity that was established in 1950 to help people in the city and India. It is in the heart of the city so that it can extend its service to many citizens conveniently, and it is easily accessible for people. This five-storey building can be recognized from a distance by the large iconic red cross logo near the top of the building. The building is square shaped with a large parking area and an emergency entrance for ambulances. It has dozens of rooms which serve a variety of purposes.  

I would estimate that there are at least three hundred employees working there, made up of doctors, nurses, volunteers and administrators. In addition, there are hundreds of patients receiving medical care who are not able to pay for treatments out of their own pockets. 

In addition to treating the ill, Red Cross is also involved in blood donation clinics, as well as health education to raise awareness about hygiene or STDs in order to improve the overall welfare of society. Not only does Red Cross help individuals with physical aliments, but they also prove mental health counseling for those in need. In fact, read an article a few months ago which expressed that Red Cross in Mumbai treated more than 1000 patients with psychological disorders over the past five years.

People can help Red Cross by either volunteering their time, donating money or blood. To make Red Cross in Mumbai even better the building could be expanded so that it can house even more patients in need of medical care. It is vital that this establishment continues to operate into the future as there are many people who do not have the resources for medical care.  

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