IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Restaurants – Band 9

May I see your identification?

Yes, sure. Please have a look at my passport, I used it for registration.

What is your full name?

My given names are Thomas David and my surname is McKinley, please just call me Tom for short. 

Why are you taking IELTS?

I’m both planning to study abroad, at the University of Victoria in British Columbia Canada, and I want to prove my outstanding level of English so I’m doing this exam and hoping to get a band 8 or 9.  (*Use correlative conjunctions to improve your scores.)

What will you do tomorrow?

Tomorrow I won’t be doing anything too strenuous because I’ll be exhausted from this exam, so I’m going to just relax, go for walk, get some fresh air and likely I’ll hang out with some friends and watch a movie, recharge my batteries. 

(*As soon as you identify the grammar of the question [future participle “will”] then, you must reflect that grammar a couple times in your response to push your band scores higher.  


Let’s talk about restaurants.

How often do you go a restaurant?

Well prior to the lockdown I used to go to a restaurant at least twice a week, because I’m quite the foody, and it’s sort of a hobby of mine. But, since the pandemic and all of the ensuing restrictions, I haven’t been to a restaurant since the summer. Nevertheless, I do use a delivery service called Wolt to order restaurant food to my home about once a week. 

(***Be original and show dynamic use of grammar)

What is your favorite restaurant?

My favorite place to go out to eat is called Blue Fox, it is a breakfast restaurant in downtown Victoria and they serve the most amazing eggs benedict, I go there at least once every couple months.  

When do you like going to restaurants?

I especially like going out to eat when I have plenty of time to spend with my friends and family, such as on weekends and holidays, and I’m not stressing about work deadlines. In fact, I had a really relaxing time in the summer on my birthday which happened to be on a Saturday, enjoying Italian food with family and friends at a famous place called Luigie’s. 

Do you prefer to eat in restaurants or at home?

Do you like fast food restaurants? Why, why not?

How have restaurant services changed in the past twenty years?

If you could own a restaurant, what kind of food would it serve? (Why?)

Given a chance to run my own restaurant, I would love to open a fine dining Japanese establishment that would serve not only sushi but also ramen and other famous Japanese dishes. I think that Japanese food is both popular and healthy, so it would be profitable and a place I could be proud to call my own. 

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