IELTS Speaking Part 3 – Historical Sites – Band 9

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Let’s talk about modern architecture

Where do architects get inspiration for their building designs these days? 

I believe that building designers get inspiration for not only other experts in their field, but also from nature and science fiction. This is because there is great beauty in nature. I know that the new airport in Istanbul is designed to look like a tulip flower. 

Can you give examples?

What do you think is the most important function of buildings that are designed these days? 

I think that the utmost importance of most complexes nowadays is to create space for the ever-increasing global population. Most new structures are being built vertically while maximizing the use of space for both work and living. I’ve noticed that the average two-bedroom apartments built over the past five years are half the size of those built three decades ago. 

Can you elaborate?

Sure. Since the price of real-estate has become seven times more now than a generation ago, contractors must be very strategic with their investments to make profit and this is also driving the cost of buildings and living space through the roof. So, builders find clever ways to create massive structures like the Burj Khalifa that reach to the sky and house lots of people on a relatively small lot. 

Let’s talk about historical sites – Focus on Answer + Explanation + Example -> think about useful grammar to link and emphasize your answers!

Why do you think people declare certain places as historically important buildings? 

There are several reasons that society will designate a certain location as a heritage building. This can be due to certain important event that are connected to the site, or even important historical figures that may have inhabited the residence or area. Just down the street is the famous Canadian painter, Emily Carr’s house, and it is now a museum. 

Should these places be protected by the government?

Yes, I strongly support the idea of using taxpayer money to both preserve as well as to restore historically significant buildings as many of these symbolize the great achievements of our ancestors and it is respectful to treasure this, as well as inspiration for future generations to aspire to build greatness. A perfect example of this are the pyramids of Egypt. 

At times tourists cause damage to important historical sites. Why is this? How can this be stopped?

I believe that visitors to many historic sites cause problems because they lack respect and knowledge for the area. In order to curtail this from happening, tourists should be heavily fined, say 500 USD, for doing such acts as removing rocks from a temple or scraping the walls of a monument. 

What kinds of places will be designated as historical sites in the future? 

I think that similarly as in the past, buildings and localities that are of significance for people, such as where extraordinary events occur or people live shall be bestowed the title of historical monument. Perhaps one day the garage where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak designed the first Apple computer will be protected and surrounded by fence and named a national treasure. 

Will these be different than those of the past?

How have building designs improved over the past century? How will they change in the future?

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