IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Helping People – Band 9

Examiner Questions:

May I see your identification?

Yes, of course, here is my passport that I used to register, you will see my picture and details on the third page. 

What is your full name?

My full name is Vanessa Sarah Matthews, but most people call me Vany for short, please do the same. It makes me feel comfortable. 

Where do you live? ***Think about the macro (country and city) and think about the micro (the building and exact part of town)

I live in a two-bedroom flat, about a kilometer from the magnificent Danube River in the heart of Budapest which is the capital of Hungary, of course.

Do you have any hobbies?

Certainly, I have a few different pastime activities that I enjoy doing, such as cycling, I went for a great 2-hour ride just yesterday with my roommate. Also, I love playing the guitar. I’m currently learning some Nirvana songs, and whenever I have a bit of time in the afternoon, I love to cook; I made a really delicious green curry for my friends on the weekend. 


Let’s talk about helping people.

When do you ask a person for help?

There are a number of different situations where I require assistance from either my friends, family or society. Whenever, I have too much on my plate, I ask a friend to give me a hand with some work around the home, like fixing my car, and if I am at a crossroad in life, having to make a big decision, I always ask for my parent’s wisdom, such as buying a new home. 

How often do you help another person?

I frequently help people whether it’s my kin, like helping my dad garden around his home, or my friends, like last weekend when I changed my friend, Doug’s car tire, I would say that I help at least two to three people each day. I think it is important and ethical to give a helping hand whenever possible. 

Where are good places for you to seek help?

It depends on the situation, if I need medical assistance, I go to the local clinic. However, if I need help with my schoolwork, I go to my university campus to seek the advice of my peers and professors. And, of course, anther place I frequent often to get assistance is in the virtual realm online. I’m constantly getting assistance through YouTube, forms and blogs. 

Why is it important to help people?

Have the way people help each other changed compared to previous generations?

If you could change one part of society to help people, what would it be? (Why?)

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