Speaking Part 2 – Wristwatch – Band 9


Talk about an object with many uses. 

You should say:
-What the object is?
– Where can a person get it?
– What can it be used for?
– How does it help the user?

You will have one to two minutes to talk about this topic.
You will have one minute to prepare what you are going to say.

TOPIC = an object with many uses

“Object” -> appearance, origin, function and value (in this order) + look at the card

Verb tense = general, present tense, present perfect, progressive forms.

*Important STEP (do NOT just talk about the first idea that comes to mind because it is often not the best idea, and this will have a MAJOR impact on your Speaking score! Ex. mobile phone – would not be a great response to this.)

*When you pick your answer, choose an object which is original, easy to talk about and has lots of content.

Wooden table, A4 paper, swiss army knife, analog wrist watch, book shelf, a mountain bike

Analog wristwatch



  • Leather strap/band, gold, silver, titanium
  • Circular, 4cm diameter, 
  • 100g
  • Glass/crystal,
  • Min hr hands


  • Japan, Switzerland, Online, Amazon, Rolex
  • Local shops


  • Fashion, status statement
  • Punctual
  • Swimming, cardio exercise 
  • Health, heartbeat, pulse
  • Compass

(value – importance)

  • Personal appearance – social status
  • Sentimental

*Before your one-minute prep-time is up, think about your first sentence!!! (too many students waste the first 15-20 seconds of the response time on either no communication or useless communication) 

An item which has a plethora of different functions is the analog wristwatch. A wristwatch has two main pieces, the strap which holds it on the user’s wrist and the face that contains all of the inner workings which tell the time. These components can be made of leather, or even precious metals like gold, and silver, depending on budget and purpose of use. The face of the watch has the hours indicated from one to twelve with second, minute and hour hands showing the exact time of day. A wristwatch can cost anywhere from a few dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The average wristwatch is circular and has a diameter of around four centimeters and weights about 50 grams. Most people in the world at some point purchase a wristwatch, either from online or in a retail store. They are widely sold and most often produced in China, Japan, Taiwan or Switzerland. Among the most famous brands and shops is Rolex. Aside from telling the exact time, and helping people to be punctual for their meetings and appointments, such as business, school or the dentist office, a wristwatch has a multitude of other uses. A nice watch, especially one made gold, such as an expensive Rolex, is a status of power in society. In fact, it is even an investment as Rolex watches often increase in value over time. Furthermore, a watch can be used by sportsman to time and improve their performance since it is portable. In some emergency situations, such as when a person is lost, a wristwatch can be used as a compass in combination with the sun. It can also be used to assess health, such as pulse and heartbeat, as well as breathing. Clearly, the wristwatch is a multipurpose item that is of great significance for the user both as a tool is society as well as for individual health. For these reasons it is very popular as a gift and often hold much sentimental value, like the watch my father gifted me for graduating university. 

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