IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Exciting Day – Band 9


Discuss an exciting day in your life.
You should say:

-When it happened?
-Where were you?
-What made the day so exciting?
How do you feel about this day?

You will have one to two minutes to talk about this topic.
You will have one minute to prepare what you are going to say.

The one-minute preparation time is very important because it has a MAJOR impact on both your part 2 and part 3 responses – these parts are linked. 

***Therefore, it is very important that you choose a GREAT answer for your Part 2!

Part will be about either a Person, Place, Object, Idea or Event

In this case, EVENT (an exciting day) – Time, location, attendees, activities, importance

(also identify the tense – past, present and past perfect)

KEY STEP – Think of 2-3 ideas that are: original (template responses get low marks, ex. don’t talk about your wedding or birthday; easy to talk about, so that you do not get stuck explaining yourself ex. getting a driving license; lots of information, *so that you do not repeat yourself in the two minutes!!! – when I proposed to my wife.

Event, exciting day – convocation/graduation day at university, first day on the job as junior engineer at ARAMCO, a trip to hill station, first day at the local gym, first time taking a flight to Dubai. 

Taking my first airplane flight to Dubai

NOTES – *write useful notes!


  • Dec 23 7am


  • Bangalore international – to Burj Khalifa


  • Friends, Nico, Saga
  • Captain, flight crew


  • Packing, 
  • Check in and security
  • Taking off and landing
  • Turbulence
  • Seeing view out the plane window

DON’T forget the last question

Importance – (How do you feel about it?)

  • Memory of a lifetime

(In the final 10 seconds of your 1-minute preparation time, think of your first/opening sentence!)

One of the most exciting days that I can recall in my life is when I flew to Dubai back in 2018. It was the first time I had been on a plane, flying from Bangalore International to Dubai at 7 am in the morning of December 23rd. I had decided to embark on this journey with two of my good friends Nico and Saga, as we had heard many great stories about all of the sights, sounds and entertainment in Dubai. I was quite nervous while packing my bags and excited at the same time. At the airport, during check in I had been a bit anxious because I packed so much for our one week vacation, I was scared that they would not allow my carry-on luggage on the plane. I recall that the flight crew and the captain were very friendly and encouraging especially during take off and landing. As I had never been on a plane before, the experience of taking flight was both thrilling and terrifying. Of course, as many other people, I had some thoughts that the plan might crash and burn, especially when we experienced a bit of turbulence flying over the Indian Ocean. During the flight, I got a chicken sandwich and a coffee, which was a great experience having food at 30K feet in the air. Fortunately, the landing went smoothly also, and my friends and I had an incredible experience in the city. Today, I look back on this flight with a lot of nostalgia, and as one of the most exciting days I’ve had. 

***It is a very GOOD idea to both open and close with the topic of the question – “an exciting day”

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