IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Magazine or Newspaper – Band 9

How can you be more confident during the speaking exam?

  • Lots of practice
  • Speak with a loud confident voice, even if you are not, as this can itself create confidence
  • Breat – practice controlling your breathing before the exam (WITH a MASK ON)
  • Use powerful body language – this can also create confidence
  • Don’t drink too much coffee or black tea – this creates anxiety. 
  • Eye contact is good – you do NOT need to make constant eye contact, just remember to do it. 
  • Visualize that your examiner is your grandfather or grandmother, speak with confidence in a loud clear voice and complete sentences and ideas (Think about how you would explain Instagram you’re your grandmother – she will listen, she loves you, she will try to understand you, but you must be clear and accurate with details and examples)

***TIP – put your mask on at least a half hour to an hour before your interview even if you don’t have to!

TIP – If you use advanced English vocabulary in awkward ways, you will NOT get marks for lexical resource because you have to use vocabulary accurately in context!

TIP – The two words that you should NOT use during your interview are ‘you’ and ‘thing’ as both of these lead to poor communication!!!

TIP – Do not use the phrase ‘to be honest’ [I’m always very worried when a person in a business meeting says, ‘to be honest’] In the IELTS, it doesn’t matter if you are honest or not, you just need good English. 


Examiner Questions:

What is your full name?

My given names are Juan Francisco and my family name is Garcia, please just call me Juan. 

Can I see your identification?

Yes, certainly, here is my id that I’ve used to register for this test, please have a look. 

What do you do in your free time?

In my spare time, I often binge watch a series on Netflix, I just completed the first season of Barbarians, or I spend time playing with my daughter, we’ve been working on a massive lego castle over the past few days. 

Who do you spend your free time with?

Let’s talk about newspaper and magazine 

How often do you read a newspaper? How about a magazine?

[often 🡪 think quantitative, numbers]

I rarely read newspapers, because I get most of my news through apps, so I would say, maybe once or twice a year when I’m at the dentist office and there’s nothing better to do. However, I read magazines frequently because I like the articles in Psychology Today, and I’ve been collecting this magazine for many years. 

What articles do you like reading?

Well, as I’d just mentioned, I’m into psychology, I especially enjoy reading articles on development, educational and child psychology, not only because I’m a teacher but also because I’m a father, so the information I acquire helps me be better and help others more.

When is the last time you bought a magazine or newspaper?

Have you ever written an article for a magazine or newspaper?

No, I haven’t written any articles for either magazines or newspapers, even if I think back to my school days or uni. However, if I had the chance, I would love to write an article for my local newspaper on the benefits of improving recycling in our community as there is a lack of such services. 

If you would subscribe to monthly magazine, what would it be and why?

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