IELTS Task 2 Writing – Curfew for Minors – Band 9

IELTS Task 2 Writing

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

In some areas of the US, a curfew is imposed, in which teenagers are not allowed to be out of doors after a particular time at night unless they are accompanied by an adult.

What is your opinion about this? 

Write at least 250 words.

In certain regions of America, there is regulation on the time at which adolescents are allowed out in the day, unaccompanied by a person of legal age. What do you think about this?

TIP* – While you are paraphrasing the question, whenever possible, quantify subjective terms – adult = legal age = over the age of 18. ***This is especially valuable in “open-ended questions” where it is easier to lose your reader.

***STUDY TIP – when you have a few hours in your week, I highly suggest reading some basic legal terms in English that are in common everyday use.  (Google – everyday legal terms in English pdf)

TOPIC = curfew for minors

What is a curfew for minors?

A specific time at which juveniles are restricted from being outdoors through a set of laws and consequences. 

Why would some US counties impose curfews on minors?

Because of a statistically high rate of criminal activities in the region among minors in a certain area. 🡪 Therefore, to protect minors from harm, as well as society 

To prevent them from delinquent activities (smoking and drinking)

To encourage – obeying rules, focusing on studies, spending time with family. 

Teenagers’ argument – lack of human rights, restricted freedom and restricted social development. 

How? How can we see this? (Example)

In the state of Texas minors must be indoors by 11pm the latest otherwise they are given 50 hours of community service because the state has had a 500% increase in juvenile delinquency in the past five years. 

CONTROLLING IDEA = My position and belief about imposing a curfew on minors. (I have already come up with my ideas in the “Why” question answer; now, I just need to choose what to include in my essay.)

What two points?

BAND 9 – Expert User of English (in writing) is a person who can convey their ideas clearly and accurately to their intended audience in as few words as possible. 

BAND 8 and 9 writing does not have ‘parallel grammar’ mistakes.

TIP – When you think about “example”, think about a “case study” – a specific event which can be used as a clear instance for the explanation.

TIP – review and revise your writing, while practicing at home, right  after you write, a couple of hours later, a day later and a week later – you will see significant improvements.


Although imposing a curfew on minors restricts their freedom, I believe that having such regulation not only discourages delinquency but also encourages development. 

INTRODUCITON (hook – simple fact including the topic! – to catch the readers attention and introduce your essays’ focus point)

Controlling juvenile activities at certain times in the day has become necessary in particular regions in the US. (Background, definitions and importance) Therefore, in some states and counties a specific time at which juveniles are restricted from being outdoors, through a set of laws and consequences, has been mandated. This has a significant impact on teenagers and society. (Thesis) Although imposing a curfew on minors restricts their freedom, I believe that having such regulation not only discourages delinquency but also encourages development. 

BODY 1- Topic sentence – a deep definition of key point 1 from the thesis – curfew discourages delinquency

Although forcing adolescents to stay indoors after dusk limits their social activities with peers, it also restricts their involvement in risky and illegal behaviors which can lead to social and physical harm. (Explanation) The rate of bad behaviors, such as drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and driving reckless increases three-fold during the night hours, after 10 pm, because of peer pressure at pubs, discos and house-parties. (Example – first-person voice and U.S.) I saw a newscast that in New York the delinquency rate among minors had been 400% higher after 10 pm, and since imposing a curfew in 2018, this has dropped to less than half, thereby, alleviating pressure on parents and the public. This is one of two reasons that I am in support of implementing a curfew for minors. 

BODY 2 – Point 2 – encouraging development

(Furthermore = another point which is even more important than the first Vs. In addition, another point which is equally important to the first.)

Furthermore, by keeping teens at home after sunset, parents have more opportunities to have their children engage in productive behavior which can lead to their mental and physical progression for a better adult life. In the three to four hours of the evening, when juveniles are only allowed out with adults, teens can spend time playing sports with their parents or working together on their studies. This leads to mutual respect and strong communication among family members, and in turn, results in smart, confident, and successful young adults. In the same newscast I saw on New York teens, research showed that after 2018, the academic performance of 15- to 17-year-olds has improved by 20%. 


In conclusion, two strong reasons to have curfews for minors in some places are less deviant activity and more productive growth. I am therefore strongly in favor of such regulation. It is important to look at not only the short-term negatives but also the long-term positives of such legislation for youngsters. 

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