IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Singing – Band 9

Examiner Questions: May I see your identification?

Certainly, here is my passport that I used during the online application process, please have a look.

(*Use this question to remind you that this is a formal interview and you must be fluent and give complete answers)

*(idiom) Put your best foot forward = to present your best self, ability, performance.

What is your full name?

My given names are Jessica Maria and my family name is Drodz, please just call me Jess for short.

What is your hobby?

I have a few different pass time activities that I like to engage in, I like to do yoga, as well as watch nature documentaries as these help me learn about our amazing planet and relax at the same time. Just yesterday, I got into a new series called Green Earth.

*Having the right attitude in the IELTS speaking interview for Band 9 mastery: You should be thinking about answers from a positive perspective because it is easier to talk about doing an activity than not doing an activity, even if this may not be true.

Ex. Imagine that you are an amazing singer, you are Michael Jackson or Mariah Carrey – I’m sure that most of us have fantasized about being amazing singers.

*Giving “no, or I don’t know” answers are often conversation stoppers and lead to lower band scores because you are not showing true ability.

So, the right attitude for IELTS speaking, is Confident Energetic Positive Imaginative Communicative *remember, you paid good money to be there, so do your best and keep your eyes on the prize (a good band score).


Let’s talk about singing Do you like to sing (Why or why not?)

Definitely, I really love to sing whenever I get the chance, not only because it’s a great way for me to enjoy life, but also I find it wonderful to entertain my friends. I go out to a karaoke bar every few months and just have a hoot of a time singing classics with my mates, like Great Balls of Fire.

How often do you sing?

I sing all the time, every chance I get. I would say that I sing at least a couple of times a day, whether it’s nursery rhymes with my young daughter or humming along to the tunes on the radio, I find myself signing regularly.

QUALITY (subjective) 🡪 QUANTITY (objective – number)

When do you sing?

I often find myself singing at around 5pm, when I’m driving home and listening to the radio, or in the late evening while I’m putting my daughter to bed with a lullaby, and on the weekends at times with friends as I had mentioned before.

Who is your favorite singer? Why do you like this person?

My favorite singer is Sir Elton John, who is both a singer, songwriter and a pianist. His lyrics are extremely meaningful and his songs are full of emotions. It is no surprise that he has been knighted by the queen of England and has scored some of the most famous movies such as the Lion King.

Where is the best place to sing?

If you could learn to sing a song perfectly, which one would you choose and why?

Have famous singers become better today than those in the past?

4 Responses to “IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Singing – Band 9”

  1. Sam

    Q= where is the best place to sing?
    Ans= well, in the early stage, you can not able sing in front of an audience because you are not a professional singer, besides that, you can sing in your car, your room and a most favourite location of mine is the bathroom, my younger brother always practices his singing in the bathroom within the front of a large mirror.
    Q= If you could learn to sing a song perfectly, which one would you choose and why?
    Ans= definitely, first of all, I start listening to a song on TV, radio, and youtube, then I will be joining singing classes at club and academy where i can learn and practice my song. as likely my younger brother attended the singing session near my town from renowned singer academy of Rahit Fateh ALI khan.

  2. Sam

    Have famous singers become better today than those in the past?
    well, to be honest, there are various instruments like piano, guitar and trumpet for helping to better singing nowadays, which can add more styles and advance types of a musician which younger generations really love to listen to this type of music. in the easy word you imagine this types of singers do not need an extra focal and verbal voice; however, in the past singers had no availability of these types of facilities which upgrade their musical power, they did compass and set a voice level own their self. people really love to listen to them because their song was originally an attached emotional feeling and capture the listeners’ attentions. so, on behalf of emotional attachment with direct to an audience, I believe that older singers is better than today’s musicians.

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